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What is the best way to study for math finals?

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Just go through all of your notes from the year, and review the ones that you had most trouble on. If you have any trouble memorizing formulas, write them on a notecard and review them just before you take th e test (don't use it to cheat during the test though!). And make sure that you start studying a few days before hand, and don't cram everything in the night before. you can also get a study group or one of your friends if they are in that class stay after school and let the teacher help you or you can go in the morning and get help

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What is the object of study of Logic?

The best way to answer this question is that math is the language of science (generally universally recognized as so); but LOGIC is the language of math.

Is there a place where you can study for math online?

The best place is IXL math. It has grades all the way up to 8th. hope this answers your question, Julie

How should you study for an accelerated math II high school class test?

The best way to study for a math course is to ask your teacher for extra problems or worksheets for you to practice. The only way you get the process of working through math problems is with enough practice so that you make fewer mistakes.

If you have to memorize 100 problems what is an easier way to do it?

I'm afraid that there is no easy way to memorize math problems -- repetition and practice are the best ways to learn math! Here's a link to show you how to make a study deck of flash cards to help with math memorization!

What is the best way to get into the AlbamaSchool of Math and Science?

Study hard, do good on the SAT and ACT, have a 3.5-4.0 GPA, and apply for the college.

What is the best best way to study for a test?

Spell study right

How do you learn math really fast?

Study, that's the only way.

Can hypnotism help you pass math?

Possibly in an indirect way: Hypnotism might help you improve your study habits, and better study habits will definitely help you pass math.

How do you study math?

Try to do problems (of the agenda) in your free time. If you want to, you can set up a number of problems, and try to finish them as quickly as possible. Then try improving on that time... The best way to study math is simple repetition -- keep practicing and repeating the facts over and over until you get them right! A study deck is great for learning math facts -- see the related question to learn how to make one.

In your opinion what is the best way to study for a algebra one exam when you were in eighth grade?

The best way to study for any math test is to practice, practice, practice! Be sure you understand how to work those problems. For the formulae you need to memorize, it's a good idea to make a study deck -- see the related question below -- and go through it until you remember each formula.

How do you study for math without doing a whole bunch of 'practice problems'?

Sleep with the math book under your pillow. It's the most comfortable way to study mathwithout doing any work. The same principle also applies to other subjects.I don't want you to think I'm suggesting that you'll actually learn any math that way, or anyother subject. It's just the easiest way to study without effort, which is what you're asking for.

How can you study math concepts for 3-6th graders?


How can you learn your multiplication facts?

The best way to learn math facts is memorization. Use a Study Deck to help you memorize each fact until you can say them without looking.

What is best why to study for casac exam?

The best way is to utilize an sample test, take the test, and review your weakest point/areas. Study, study, study.

What is the best way to prepare for exams?

To Study!

How do you get an A in geometry?

The way to get an A in any class: study. For some, math comes very naturally. These people will not need to study and will receive high scores on tests due to their natural abilities. However, for most, math does not come easy. The only way to ensure a good grade is to study often, especially before a test.

What is the best way to study for the math and reading Fcat?

Most libraries carry certain books for the FCAT that will help you with the skills needed. You can try to visit the FCAT website:

What is the way best to learn math?

A regular course of math lessons, and lots of practice working through examples.

What is the best way to study native Americans?

Talk to them.

What do you study to pass the civil service exam?

There is no way to really study for the civil service exam. There is math and a wide variety of questions on this test. You can find study guides at the library or online.

Which is the best way to learn new material?

Consistently study the same way

What math classes do you need to become a math teacher?

The Best way to know is to ask a teacher or a guidance councilor for info

Why should you study quantitative studies?

Quantitative studies are designed to provide data for research. You don't really study it the way you'd study math or science. You collect quantitative data and analyze it.

How can you get a 100 hundred on a math test?

by either cheating or copying someones test or study wich is the anoying way to do it

What is the best way to pass a math test?

The best was to is by studing and Finding areas which you need and to take your time!