What is the best way to teach dogs to identify words?

the best method thats seems to work with mine is: hold the object you want you dog to learn, for example: if you want your dog to know what TOY means, hold a toy, get the dogs attention, say "toy" then hold the toy out to your dog. your dog should sniff the object your offering to him/her. while he/she is sniffing the toy tell the dog what it is, say "toy". then stand straight and hold the toy away from the dog, say "toy" again and then throw it, saying "go get the toy" do this every single day for about a week and then tell your dog "Go get the toy. Toy. Toy. go get the toy." your dog should go get the toy. if you want him to learn a word like a command, sit, lay down, speak, then you have to show the dog what sit means and then reward him/her. for example say "sit" then force the dog into a sitting position, then praise your dog, even tho u did it for him/her.