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A girl wearing thongs that are not to thin

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Q: What is the best wedgie giver target?
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Do wedgies cause external pain?

that depends on the wedgie giver

What is the easiest wedgie?

the best wedgie is the one that my momma makes outta those lil chipie potato snack bits, that right there is the best wedgie in the world.

Were can you buy wedgie proof underwear?

In stores like Walmart or target,Walgreens. but they discontinued them along time ago

What episode of hogan knows best does brook get a wedgie?

Romantic getaway

How do you do a ladder wedgie?

To perform a hanging wedgie, follow these steps. 1. Find a high place, a hook or coat hanger etc. (Make sure it is sturdy) 2. Choose victim. 3. Wedgie victim (pants them too for best results) 4. Lift underwear of victim up onto coat hanger or hook 5. Make sure underwear is secured on hook and feet do not touch the ground 6. For best results, pull on feet/legs ~Wedgie Master~

Should you give a cheerleader a Piledriver wedgie or a scarecrow wedgie?

A scarecrow wedgie

How do you spell the past tense of wedgie?

A "wedgie" is a noun. One type of wedgie is GIVEN, the other is WORN. The past tense would be "gave a wedgie" or "wore a wedgie" (the shoe).

What is a Bangkok wedgie?

It is when you are given a wedgie or hanging wedgie and someone hits or kicks you in the nuts.

What is a wedgie slave?

a wedgie slave is when you get someone to give you wedgies or he/she has to let you give them a wedgie for how long you siad.i am a wedgie slave myself but the dude that gives me wedgies is weak so they don't hert.

What shoe has a triangular sole?

wedgie a "WEDGIE"

Does ash ketchum get a wedgie?

of corse he does not get a wedgie

What is a super wedgie?

a very hard wedgie