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Q: What is the big idea involving force and motion?
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Which is not a big deal involving force and motion?

a force acting on an object at rest causese it to move

How do the planets in the motion?

According to the Newton's first law of motion,each body continues it's motion until a force is exerted.In the outer space there might be no force in the opposite direction which is capable to make the planets stationery even after the BIG BANG THEORY.

How do unbalanced forces produce motion?

if a force is unbbalanced one force is greater than the other. So if a force in this direction> is twice as big as the one in <this direction it is unbalanced and will move that way>.

Where can you submit a movie idea to big film companies to have it considered for a major motion picture?

In Hollywood Or at,

Which is a big idea and for matter and change?

Which is a "big idea" for matter and change? The universe is very old and very large. Forces cause changes in motion. The laws of nature have all been discovered. Atoms are the building blocks of all things.

Why is centrifugal force no longer used to explain circular motion?

One big reason is because centrifugal force doesn't explain circular motion, and the other one is because centrifugal force doesn't even exist. I can't think of a way to make an object move in a circle by pulling it from outside of the circle.

What is a reason for a truck to be an example of newton's second law of motion?

since a=f/m if you want to flow in traffic with a big mass you need a big force to match acceleration of other vehicles

The big idea of energy What us the big idea of energy?

Most of what goes on in the universe-fromexploding stars and biological growth to the operation on machines and the motion of people-involve some sort of energy being transformed into another. The concept of energy is relevant to more than one discipline of science.

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He twitched and began to coil slowly He was not merely a big snake you thought he was a circus monstrosity His abominable muscularity his loathsome fluid motion somehow made you sick He was as?

life force

What is the big difference between Newton s Laws and Kepler s Laws?

Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion describe the motion of one object in orbit around another. Newton's Laws of Motion and the Law of Universal Gravitation describe how objects move in response to a force and how objects are attracted to each other.

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