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The British air force was, and still is called the Royal Air Force.

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What was the british air force called in ww2?

the royal air force aka the RAF

What were the planes of the German air force called?

The German Air Force in WW2 was called the Luftwaffe.

What was the British air force called during ww2?

RAF Royal Air Force. It has borne this name since mid-ww-l there was briefly the Royal Flying Corps which evolved into RAF. the Navy has its Fleet Air Arm.

What was the British air force called in World War 2?

The british air force is known as the RAF; royal air force. The Deutsche Luftwaffe or Luftwaffe (German: "Air Arm", IPA: ['luftvafə]) is the commonly used term for the German air force.The Royal Air Force. They are still called this today.

What were the British and German air forces called?

British = Royal Air Force, RAF German = Luftwaffe

What was the British air force Call?

it was called royal navy

What was the british airforce called in world war 2?

The British Airforce was called the RAF (Royal Air Force) and still is now.

What was the British air force called during world war 1?

it was called the erhanous, a latin word for power.

Can a naturalised not born British citizen rise up to the top level air ranks in Royal Air Force?

Yes, I remember a newspaper obituary suggesting just that concerning a veteran of WW2.

What isEnglang air force during World War 2?

I'm presuming that you're asking after the British/English air force - they were called the RAF (Royal Air Force) and primarily flew Spitfires and Hurricanes.

Which land did luftwaffe represent?

The Luftwaffe in WW2 was the German air force.

What is the pushing force of air called?

The pushing force of air is called air pressure.:)

What is Britain's Air Force called?

Britain's Air Force is called the Royal Air Force or RAF for short.

What is the RAF?

It is the Royal Air Force, the air-force wing of the British armed forces.

Was royal air force officially named as Pakistan air force?

The British Royal Air Force has NEVER been named "Pakistan air force" - and Pakistan has never had a Royal Air Force.

What happened at dunkirk during WW2?

At Dunkirk the British Expeditionary Force, section of the army, were forced to retreat from Nazi occupied France. Upon reaching the coast, at Dunkirk, they met hundreds of small civilian British boats from across the channel called up to transport the men from the beach to the larger ships. They did this under the attack of the German Air-force.

Is stroppy a slang word?

Yes, it means to get angry, particularly with a military subordinate. Originating in the Royal Navy in WW2 and much loved by British Army and Air Force DI's.

Name of German airforce during world war 2?

The German air force was called the Luftwaffe during ww2 _____ Just a small point to add - the German Air Defence Force is still known as the Luftwaffe today.

What countrys air force wins victory over German luftwaffe?

The British air force (called the Royal Air Force, or RAF) won a victory over the Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain (July 10 to October 31, 1940).

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