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The bullet train of Japan is called新幹線 (shinkansen).
Example:新しい新幹線の方チーターよりが速い (atarashii shinkansen no hou ga chiitaa yori hayai) - "The new Shinkansen (bullet train) is faster than a cheetah."

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Q: What is the bullet train called in Japanese?
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What do you call a Japanese bullet train?

It is called 'shinkansen.'

Bullet train name begin with a 5 letters?

Japanese Bullet Trains are called Shinkansen.

Which country invented the bullet train?

The Japanese known as the Skinkansen or Bullet Train

Fastest train in japan?

japanese bullet train

Who invented bullet trains?

The bullet train was invented by Hideo Shima. First Bullet Train runs between Osaka and Tokyo (Japan) in 1964.

Why is the bullet train famous?

The bullet train is famous because of it's speed. This train is the fastest in the world. It was created by the Japanese.

How long is a Japanese bullet train?


What is the name of the bullet train?

The bullet train in Japan is called Shinkansen and almost every where else it is called bullet train. hope i helped =D

What are very fast trains in japan called?

I believe it is informally called the "Bullet Train."

Do Japanese trains use magnets?

yes the magnvy train does and i think the bullet train does to.

Is the Japanese bullet train faster than your local trains?


What is the Japanese high speed train known as?

In English they are referred to as Bullet Trains; in Japanese, 'shinkansen.'