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Saturday the 7th of January 2012 is 8 weeks after Saturday the 12th of November 2011. Saturday the 17th of September 2011 is 8 weeks before it.

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Q: What is the calendar date 8 weeks from November 12 2011?
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What is the calendar date 12 weeks from August 14 2011?

Adding 12 weeks, that is, 84 days, to August 14, 2011, gives November 6, 2011.

What is the calendar date 11 weeks from December 20 2011?

Exactly 11 weeks after December 20, 2011 is March 6, 2012.

What is the calendar date 11 week before May 19 2011?

March 3 2011 is the date 11 weeks before May 19 2011.

What was the date 13 weeks ago this date?

calendar date 13 weeks ago

What is the date 11 weeks from November 30 2010?

11 weeks from November 30 2010 is Tuesday, February 15, 2011.

What is the date in 24 November 1976 in Islamic calendar?

The date of November 24th in 1976 on the Islamic calendar was a Wednesday.

What was the date 40 weeks ago?

From the date the question was asked, 27th of August 2012, 40 weeks before that would be the 21st of November 2011.

What date is twelve weeks from today September 5th 2011?

Adding 12 weeks, that is, 84 days, to September 5, 2011, gives November 28, 2011.

What was the Jeopardy daily calendar question and answer for November 21 2011?

The answers to questions for jeopardy on that date and the questions can be found under the related link I am looking for the question/answer that was on the one-a-day daily tear off calendar...November 21, 2011.

What is English date muharram in December 2011?

Muharram is the first month in an Islamic calendar. As this calendar is a lunar calendar the date changes as compared to the Gregorian calendar. This (2011) year it starts on the 8 December.

What is the corresponding date of November 13 1965 in the hijri calendar?


What is today's Julian date 19 march 2011?

19 March 2011 on the Gregorian calendar = 6 March 2011 on the Julian calendar

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