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The call to action is the 'thing' you want your audience to do (action to take) as a result of your having provided them with compelling facts, argument and stories (provided in the body). The call to action is typically located in the conclusion but could be a 4th argument prior to the conclusion.

In short: The call to action should activate the listener to complete an action or mission, or adopt a new way of thinking or living their life. Be sure that the Call to Action is clear and simple to understand and do.

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a persuasive essay, its usually in the conclusion.. but i could be in any body paragraph.

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Q: What is the call to action in a persuasive essay?
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What is a characteristic of a call to action in a persuasive essay?

A characteristic of a call to action in a persuasive essay is that it is clear and direct, providing a specific action for the reader to take. It should be compelling and persuasive, motivating the reader to act on the information presented in the essay.

What would the call to action be in a persuasive essay where you are arguing that women should not play on men sports teams?

thesis statement

What are some themes for a persuasive essay?

The ideas for a persuasive essay are endless. It is easy to write a persuasive essay when you are talking about something you personally believe in and know the facts of. A persuasive essay is simply a platform in which to convince someone that what you believe is true.

What are persuasive essays about?

A persuasive essay is an essay used to convince a reader about a particular idea, usually one that writer believe in, which is the main purpose of a persuasive essay.

What is the major difference between a persuasive essay and an argumentative essay?

The major difference between a persuasive essay and an argumentative essay is in their purpose and tone. A persuasive essay aims to convince the reader to take a certain position or action, while an argumentative essay presents both sides of an issue and argues for one side over the other. Persuasive essays often use emotional appeals, while argumentative essays rely more on logical reasoning and evidence.

Do you include the authors opinion in a persuasive essay?

Yes, of course. That is the whole point of persuasive essay.

How do you end an all about me essay?

how do you end a persuasive essay?

Which type of essay contains an opinion?

persuasive essay

What is a link on a persuasive essay?

When writing a persuasive essay, keep in mind the content as it is very important for effective writing.

Who is persuasive man?

The persuasive man is Jerry L. he gave me persuasive essay due Tuesday.

What type of essay is on summer by lorraine hansberry?

It is a persuasive essay!

What is an essay that tries to change someones ideas?

A persuasive essay.