What is the capital of Leyte?

Updated: 12/19/2022
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There are two provinces on Leyte island.

The capital of Leyte province is Tacloban City.

The capital of Southern Leyte province is Maasin City.

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Q: What is the capital of Leyte?
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What is Leyte's population?

The population of Leyte is 1,544,251.

What was the location of the battle of Leyte Gulf?

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What is Southern Leyte's population?

Southern Leyte's population is 390,847.

What is the area of Leyte?

The area of Leyte is 5,901.5 square kilometers.

When was Leyte created?

Leyte was created on 1917-03-10.

What is the history of leyte regional prison?

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Where is the Leyte Gulf?

The Leyte Gulf is a body of water located between the islands of Leyte and Samar in Eastern Visayas, Philippines.

What part of Leyte is Kananga?

Kananga is a town in the western part of Leyte.

Leyte regional prison in abuyog leyte?

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When was Southern Leyte created?

Southern Leyte was created on 1959-05-22.

When was Leyte Normal University created?

Leyte Normal University was created in 1921.

When did Battle of Leyte happen?

Battle of Leyte happened on 31-10-20.