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The Cascade Mountain Range consists of both active and dormant volcanoes. These mountains are the site of Mount St. Helens and Mount Rainier.

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Q: What is the cascade mountains made of?
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Where are the cascade mountains found?

The Cascade Mountains are in Washington the state.

What is the entertainment for cascade mountains?

The entertainment in the cascade mountains is just hiking and the scenery.

What is the name of the mountains on the west coast of the US?

Sierra Mountains and the Cascade Mountains.

What kind of minerals are the cascade mountains made up of?

Rocks, Dirt, Soil, Minerals

What type of boundary created the cascade range mountains?

The Cascade mountains were created by an oceanic-continental convergent boundary

If you were in the Cascade Mountains what state would you be in?

If you were in the Cascade Mountains, you would be in Oregon, USA. Actually, its not, if you were in the North Cascade Mountians you wood be in Washington state USA. You would be in both!

What is the elevation at the top of the Cascade Mountains?

The highest point in the Cascade Mountains is the peak of Mount Rainier. The elevation of this point is 4,392 metres above sea level. The Cascade Mountains are located in western North America.

Where can you find a rain forset in the US?

Hawaii, Washington State (West of the Cascade mountains) and Oregon (west of the Cascade mountains).

What are some mountains in Canada?

Rockie Mountans, Cascade Mountains

Which mountain has a higher elavation Appalachian mountain or Cascade Mountain?

The Cascade Mountains.

What is higher in elevation the Cascade Range Mojave Desert or the Ozark Plateau?

The Cascade Mountains are highest.

Which mountains roll down a hill?

mountain lions??? Cascade Mountains???