What is the cause of Tribulation in The Chrysalids?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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The cause of "Tribulation", which many of the Waknuk citizens believe was sent by God, was, in fact, implied as the radiation left from a Nuclear Holocaust. There are several hints such as all the flore and fauna having some mutations or none at all, and the following passage states some symptoms of nuclear radiation:

"...stories of sailors who report blackened, glassy wastes to the south-west where the remains of faintly glowing cities can be seen. Sailors venturing too close to these ruins experience symptoms consistent with Radiation_sickness."

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Q: What is the cause of Tribulation in The Chrysalids?
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Who is nicholson in the chrysalids?

Nicholson is the man who wrote the book Repentance'safter Tribulation, it outlines his reasoning on why the Tribulation occurred and is basically his interpretation on the Bible.hope this helps..

What is the tribulation in the chrysalids?

In "The Chrysalids" by John Wyndham, the tribulation refers to a catastrophic event that caused widespread destruction and mutations in the world. It led to a strict society that enforces genetic purity, where any deviance from the norm is considered a sin. This setting sets the stage for the protagonist's struggle to survive and find acceptance in a hostile environment.

When was The Chrysalids created?

The Chrysalids was created in 1955.

What page is this quote on in the Chrysalids we have a new world to conquer they have only a lost cause to lose?


Who were the old people in the Chrysalids?

The old people are the people before the apocalypse... before the "tribulation" as they call it. And since the novel takes place on Earth in a post-apocalyptic future, the old people are us... and we create a nuclear devastation of some sort.

Who is Uncle Axel in The Chrysalids?

he is a family friend of the Strorms in the book chrysalids

What is the ISBN of The Chrysalids?

The ISBN of The Chrysalids is 0-14-001308-3.

What are the answers for the Chrysalids chapter 10?

Well firstly, what are the questions to the Chrysalids Chapter 13?

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David's last name in "The Chrysalids" is Strorm.

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In the story the chrysalids what does the reader learn about the location of the story?

From details in the text the setting is clearly in what we know as Labrador, Canada, way in the future. The clues lie in some of the place names, which are "our modern" names, altered by the passage of time (and presumably a period of semi-literacy) after the Tribulation".