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Sodium is an electrolyte nutrient responsible for carrying electric charges throughout the human body. High sodium level in a baby is called neonatal hypernatremia and may be caused by diarrhea, high fevers, and dehydration.

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What illness cause high sodium blood levels?

Sodium levels are raised under various circumstances causing conditions like High Blood Pressure.

What electrolyte cause thirst and retention of fluid at high levels?


What do high levels of sodium do?

Apart from an increase in blood pressure, high levels of sodium may cause confusion, anxiety , edema, nausea, vomiting , restlessness, weakness, and loss of potassium and calcium

Can dietary sodium cause cancer?

There is a link between high levels of dietary sodium and an increased risk of stomach cancer

What foods have high sodium levels?

I only know that salt has very very high sodium!

What can High levels of ozone in the atmosphere cause?

High levels of ozone in the atmosphere can cause

If you are pregnant should you have salt?

You can, but be careful of the amounts. Note that most foods - especially prepackaged ones - can already have a lot of salt added in on them. Salt / sodium can cause high blood pressure and high sodium levels in your blood. Like anything else, something that is not awful for you could be much stronger for the baby. You can have some sodium / salt, just in small moderation.

Why cant ocean water be treated to make drinking water?

because it contains high levels of salt. The salt causes high levels of sodium, which can cause health problems e.g. heart attacks.

What causes high sodium levels?

having a high salt intake

What is the medical term meaning high blood sodium levels?

The term for high blood sodium level is hypernatremia.

Your blood sodium levels is 146 is this high?


What happens in hypernatremia?

High serum sodium levels

What are the dangers of eating crablegs on a weekly basis?

High blood pressure due to high sodium levels, and high mercury levels in the blood.

What are foods with high levels of sodium?

Most packaged lunch meats, canned soups and fast foods are notoriously high in sodium.

How does sodium not occur in free state in nature?

The cause is the high reactivity of sodium.

What does hypernatremia occur at?

High serum sodium levels (hypernatremia ) occur at sodium concentrations over 145 mM

How to create kidney stone?

High levels of sodium create kidney stones

You had a stroke what foods should you stay away from?

food with high sodium levels

Why are butter fingers bad for you?

High levels of sugar and fat and cholesterol and sodium

Why are seasoning products bad for you?

People are usually worried about the levels of sodium in them. High soduim can cause high colesterol and high blood pressure which isn't good for your heart. You can use things like sea salt and black pepper, have a look at the sodium content before you buy packaged herbs.

Do high blood sugar levels lead to diabetes?

No, but this is a common misconception. Whilst diabetes can cause high blood sugar levels, high blood sugar levels can't cause diabetes. There is a variety of causes for it, but this isn't one.

How does the body regulate sodium levels?

When dietary sodium is too high or low, the intestines and kidneys respond to adjust concentrations to normal

In the maintenance of the cell resting membrane potential what happens?

extracellular sodium levels are high

High levels of air pollution can cause?


High heamoglobin causes of?

Polycythaemia is one cause of high heamoglobin levels

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