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Erosion is caused by natural elements.

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Q: What is the cause of rock erosion?
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Can a rock cause a erosion?

No, sand, wind, and water can cause erosion.

Does rock cause erosion?

no sorry

Is ice forming in a crack in a rock a cause of erosion?

Yes, it is one form of erosion as it breaks down the rock into smaller pieces

How can erosion cause weathering?

Erosion does not cause weathering. Erosion is a TYPE of weathering in which surface soil and rock are worn away through the action of glaciers, water, and wind.

What are two ways water can cause erosion?

Water can cause erosion by wearing away rock, such as waves hitting rock cliffs causing the rock to wear away. Rain causes erosion to soil that is left bare without any grass or plants to prevent it.

What effects can weathering and erosion have on the water supply?

Weathering and erosion (which are synonyms) can cause minerals to leach into the water supply - for example, erosion of a rock which contains bauxite will cause aluminum to be present in the downstream water.

What is the Movement of fragments of rock?

The movement of rock fragments is called erosion.

What causes metamorphic rock to change?

An increase in heat or pressure could cause further metamorphism.

How wind erosion might affect rock?

Wind erosion acts by blasting sediment at other rocks, or by using its own sheer force to buffet the rock. Wind erosion would cause the rock to recede, while some more resistant parts would remain prominent.

What can wind and water cause the the wearing away of rock or soil?

im 99.9% sure its erosion

What could cause an igneous rock to become soil?

erosion but it would take thousand of years

What can wind or water cause the wearing away of rock or soil?

im 99.9% sure its erosion