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the heat and air collided together and formed and tsunami.

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Q: What is the cause of the tsunami in japan?
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Why tsunami happened in Japan?

The tsunami in Japan occurred because when the tectonic plates under ground move they cause an earthquake. Sometimes an earthquake can cause a tsunami from shaking underwater.

What was the cause of the tsunami in Japan?

The cause of the tsunami was an earthquake that scored 8.9 on the rictor scale was that of the tectonic plates shifted under Japan, and caused the tragedy.

What cities have been underwater cause of a tsunami?


What damage did the japan earthquake and tsunami cause?


Could a volcanic eruption in japan cause a tsunami?


Did the earthquake in japan occur at the same time as the tsunami?

No, the earthquake in the ocean cause the water to make the tsunami

Did god cause the tsunami in japan?

The earthquake caused the tsunami in Japan. And plate tectonics - which have been going on under the earths surface since the earth formed - caused the earthquake.

How tusunami cause?

it was cause bcause in japan fukushima nuclear plant losted power in fridays tsunami.

What was the epicentre of the recent big tsunami in Japan?

Tsunamis do not have epicentres. Earthquakes do. Sometimes, as in the case of Japan, earthquakes cause tsunamis.

Where did the Japan tsunami hit?

The tsunami hit Japan's northeastern islands.

When and where did the tsunami Japan?


How frequently will Tsunami in Japan?

It's not likely for tsunami's to continue hitting Japan.