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Change in magnetic flux.


change in magnetic field (B).

change in the area vector/ area of magnetic field under the closed circuit (A).

The angle between area vector and magnetic field .......xo

magnetic flux = cosxo . A . B
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Q: What is the causes of electromagnetic induction?
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What causes the electrons to move in the electromagnetic induction animation?

Changes in the magnetic field

Does induction motor works on Electromagnetic induction?

Yes the Induction motor works on Electromagnetic induction principle.

What is produced by or associated with electromagnetic induction?

Faradaic current is associated with electromagnetic induction.

Who discovered the principle electromagnetic induction?

Michael Faraday discovered Electromagnetic induction.

Who are the scientists that discovered the electromagnetic induction?

Michael Faraday discovered the electromagnetic induction in 1831

Electricity can be created by what kind of induction?

Electromagnetic induction

Can electricity can be created by induction?

Yes, by electromagnetic induction.

What are the Four practical applications which depend upon electromagnetic induction for their operation?

Practical applications that depend upon electromagnetic induction are electrical generators and induction motors. Transformers and mechanically-powered flashlights also depend on electromagnetic induction.

What year did Michael Faraday invent the electromagnetic induction?

On 29th August 1831 Michael Faraday discovered the theory of Electromagnetic Induction.

How does application of the principle of electromagnetic induction has influenced human progress?

how the application of the principal of electromagnetic induction influencedhuman progress

Metal detectors like the ones used at airports are activated by magnetic fields or electromagnetic induction?

electromagnetic induction.

What is the principle of electromagnetic crane?

the principle on which an electromagnetic crane works is electromagnetic induction