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20 percent without condom

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Q: What is the chance of getting pregnant with your tubes clamped?
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Can you get pregnant if you had your tubes clamped?

Yes; you can get pregnant after you have your tubes clamped! I had mine clamped three on each side and I got pregnant a year later.

Your tubes are clamped can you still get pregnant?

Yes, although the chance is quite low (about 1/300) it does happen.

Could you get pregnant with your tubes cut and clamped?

Maybe if there was a mistake, but generally no it pretty much takes care of getting pregnant.

What are the chances of getting pregnant after tubal ligation?

i had my tubes untied may 25,12 what is my chance of getting pregnant

My tubes were clamped and they came unclamped what are the chances of becoming pregnant?

About average

Can you get pregnant if the doctor takes the clamps off but does not reconnet the tubes or is would there be too much scar tissue?

Can i get pregnant if my tubes were clamped?

Can you get pregnant if you've had your tubes tied and the Novasure procedure done?

yes there is still a chance if getting pregnant

Can you get pregnant after 8 years of having your tubes clamped?

No. They don't "un-clamp".

Can you get pregnant if tubes are cut and clamped?

Yes. That is possible. No method of contraception is 100 % safe.

Can you get pregnant even know you have the clamps?

yes. a friend of mine has her tubes clamped and she ended up pregnant and had a son

Can you still get pregnant after your tubes are clamped?

Ideally NO, one does not get pregnant, if tubes are ligated. there are very minimal percentage of cases seen with pregnancy, post tubal ligation.

Has anyone ever heard of tubes being only burned and how can you become pregnant 7 months later after a tubal?

If your tubes were burned or cauterized instead of being tied or clamped, then there is a chance that they healed open and the surgery was not effective.

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