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That's 'refraction'.

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Q: What is the change in direction of a wave when it changes speed as it travels from one material to another?
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What does light do when it travels from one material to another?

Refraction is what light does when it travels from one material to another. Refraction is when the light changes direction because it is passing through one medium to another.

When light travels from one medium to another which factors changes?

direction changes.

How is refracted?

The refraction of light means that although light travels in straight lines, when it moves from one substance into another, it can change direction. This happens because the wave changes speed as it travels between different types of materials.As a light wave travelsbetween diffrent clear substances, the light wave bends. When light passes one substance to another, the light changes direction.

What is the definition of the word goes?

* travels: changes location; moves, travels, or proceeds, also metaphorically * moves away from a place into another direction * be awarded; be allotted; "The first prize goes to Mary"; "Her money went on clothes

Does the wavlength increase when a refraction of a wave occurs when the wave travels from one material into another?

The wavelength changes. Whether it increases or decreases depends on the index of refraction of both materials.

What is the definition of Newtons first law?

Newton's First law means that a force changes either the direction in which an object travels, the speed the object travels,or the shape of the object.

One airplane travels due to north 300kmh while the another travels due to south at 300kmh. Are their velocities the same?

no it is not, velocity includes speed and direction and while the speeds are the same the direction is not

What is the material through which light travels?

what is the material through which light travels

What else occurs when energy travels from one place to another?

it often changes form.

Is an airplane a material that travels?

An airplane is material constructed into a flying machine that travels.

What occors when light changes speed as it passes from one medium to another?

If the light is at an angle to the medium, then refraction (change of direction) and possibly reflection. If light travels at 90 degrees than maybe only slight reflection.

What happens to the direction of a light ray as it travels from glass into the air?

the light 'beam' (if you like) will slightly change direction this is bending light, light only travels in straight lines but due to the shape of the glass it changes direction when the beam exits the glass its should go back to its shape of ligh beam .