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Condensation. Which is also like a dew.

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Q: What is the change of a phase from a vapor to a liquid called?
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When liquid water evaporates to water vapor it?

This change of phase is called evaporation.

What is it called when water vapor turns from a gas to a liquid?


What best describes water changing to a gas when it boils?

It is best described as a phase change from liquid to vapor.

When a gas changes into a liquid the change of state is called what?

This change of of phase is called liquefaction.An example is the transformation of water vapor in liquid water.

What happen when water vapor from the hot water cools?

A change of phase; from gas phase (water vapors) to liquid phase; the phenomenon is called condensation.

When water vapor loses energy what phase change occurs?

When water vapor loses energy it "turns" into a liquid

When water changes into water vapor it is called what?

When water turns into water vapor it goes through a phase change. The water uses all the energy gained not to increase heat, but turn into a gas. The name for this phase change is evaporation, or vaporization.

When is a substance in the gaseous phase called a vapor?

when a substance exists as a liquid or solid under ordinary conditions its gaseous phase is called a vapor

What is the term for the phase change from vapor to solid without passing through the liquid phase?


What is evaporation and condensation means?

Evaporation is the change of a liquid to a vapor/gas. Condensation is the reverse process- the change of a substance from the gas phase to the liquid phase.

What are the 3 phases of energy metabolism?

Glycolysis , krebs cycle and electron transport

Which of the following is an example of a phase change from liquid to solid?

Frost is a phase change of a gas to a solid (deposition). Water vapor turns directly to ice.