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It is KO2 .

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Q: What is the chemical formula of potassium super oxide?
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What is the chemical formula for super glue?

They have not released it, it's a secret.

When hemoglobin releases oxygen and super nitric oxide to tissues the super nitric oxide causes?

super nitric oxide causes vasoconstriction :)

What is the difference between oxide and super oxide?

normal oxides of metals have general formula M3O. & super oxides have general formula MO2. super oxides are coloured & paramagnetic in nature due to presence of unpaired electrons.on moving down side the group tendency to form super oxides increases.& that of normal oxides decreases. oxides of metals on dissolving in water form their hydroxides only.while super oxides form hydroxides with the release of H2O2 & H2.

What is the oxide of tritium?

The oxide of tritium is tritium oxide, sometimes called super heavy water, or 3H2O.

What is the formula for dioxygen?

determine the emperical formula of an oxide of iron which has 69.9% iron and 30.1% dioxygen by mass

What melon contains super oxide dismutase?


What converts super oxide free radical into hydrogen peroxide?


What are molecular formulae of sodium oxide?

Today are known three oxides of sodium: * Sodium oxide (Disodium oxide): Na2O * Sodium peroxide (Disodium dioxide): Na2O2 * Sodium super-oxide (Sodium dioxide): NaO2

What is a ion with negative charges?

There are tons, and they're called anions. If you want one as an example, try nitrate. It's super common in chemistry labs and has the chemical formula (NO3)-

What is the formula for Captian America's super serum?

Captain America is a fictional super-hero. There is no super-serum. Sorry.

How many potassium atoms and how many oxygen atoms are there in binary compound made from these two element?

A compound containing potassium and oxygen atoms would have a formula of K2O, and would be named potassium oxide. This is a binary ionic compound.

The toxic super oxide ion is converted to harmless oxygen by two enzymes?

catalase, superoxide dismutase