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C2H4O2 is the chemical formula of acetic acid.

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Q: What is the chemical name for H C 2 H 3 O 2?
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What is the chemical name for vitamin c?

Ascorbic Acid is the chemical name for Vitamin C.

What is the chemical symbol of ribulose biphosphate?

RuBP. The chemical compound is P-C-C-C-C-C-P. (5 carbons, 2 phosphates)

What is the balanced equation of iron 3 oxide and carbon?

The chemical reaction is:2 Fe2O3 + 3 C = 4 Fe + 3CO2

What is the name of the compound ch3chch3cch33?

2,2,3-tri-methyl-butane is the name of: (CH3)2-CH-C-(CH3)3 or reversely written: (CH3)3-C-CH-(CH3)2

What Is The Chemical Name for C4O2?


Chemical name of vitamin c?

ascorbic acid

What is the chemical name of vitamin C?

Ascorbic acid

What is the chemical name of an antioxidant?

Vitamin C is an antioxidant.

Which inequality best represents that ice cream at 2C is cooler than ice cream at 3C?

โˆ’3ยฐC > 2ยฐC โˆ’3ยฐC < 2ยฐC 3ยฐC > โˆ’2ยฐC 3ยฐC < โˆ’2ยฐc one of theses

Chemical name of CO2?

CO2: C = Carbon O = Oxygen (2 of them!) Carbon Dioxide. (Di meaning "two")

What is the chemical symbol of actinium C?

Actinium C was the old name of the isotope bismuth-211.

Algebra 1 problem -c plus 2 equals 5?

-c + 2 = 5 -c = 3 c = -3

What is the integral of the square root of 2x?

Integral of sqrt(2x) = integral of (2x)1/2 = √2/(3/2)*(x)3/2 + c = (2√2)/3*(x)3/2 + c where c is the constant of integration. Check: ( (2√2)/3*(2x)3/2 + c )' = (2√2)/3*(3/2)(x)(3/2)-1 + 0 = √2*(x)1/2 = √2x

What is Ascorbic Acid?

Ascorbic acid the chemical name of Vitamin C.

What is the chemical name of coal?

The major component of coal is carbon (C).

How do you balance the chemical equation CO2 C--CO?

the chemical equation CO2 is balANCEd by :there are 2 carbons on reactants and 2 atoms of oxygen by putting 2 as coeffecient on product side,equationis balanced.CO2 + C --------> 2CO

What is 2 c a 3 a c?

2ca3ac = 6(ac)^2

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What is the value of c if the line y equals x plus c is a tangent to the curve y equals 3 -x -5x squared?


What is the chemical formula for carbon disulfite?

Formula: C(SO3)2

What is a balanced chemical equation for aluminum oxide carbon aluminum carbon dioxide?

Compound formula: Al2O3 + C --> Al + CO2 Make it balanced: 2 Al2O3 + 3 C --> 4 Al + 3 CO2

What is the chemical difference between C-12 and C-14?

2 neutrons. Also, C-14 is radioactive while C-12 is not.

What are the release dates for I-C-I-R-U-S- - 2011 The Devil Will Come Her Name Is Delores 2-3?

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What is chemical symbol of C?

C is the chemical symbol of carbon.

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