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What is the chief constituent of gobar gas?

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Is chlorine a constituent of gobar gas?

There is no chlorine in gobar gas or bio gas. The gases present are methane, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen and hydrogen sulphide

What is constituent other?

What is the chief constituent of gober gas? What is the chief constituent of gober gas?

What is the uses gobar gas?

Instead of using LPG gas we can use gobar gas to cook

What is gobar gas in Hindi?

gobar gas plant kaise kaam karta hai hindi me

Components of gobar gas?

Gobar gas mainly constitutes of methane gas under a warm condition. Methane is one of the gas which gives discomfort to humans.

How to make gobar gas plant?

You will get all the details here: http://www.acres-wild.com/Gobar%20Gas.shtml

Gobargas how to made?

The Gobar gas is made by decomposing the cow dung.

What is gobar gas?

Gobar Gas (Methane) is generated by the de- composition of organic cow dung. It consists of 55-65% methane, 30-35% carbon dioxide, with some hydrogen, nitrogen and other traces.

What is the meaining of gobar?

Gobar is an Indian word used to describe cattle wastes such as cow dung.It is used to produce gobar gas(methane),which a highly efficient source of fuel energy,produced by decomposition ofanimal wastes such as cattle dung..etc.

What is the percentage of carbon dioxide gobar- gas?

Amount of co2 in biogas (gober gas) us only4-5%

Which is the major constituent of LPG?

Propane is the major constituent of Liquid PropaneGas.

What are disadvantages of gobar gas?

it may cause air pollution and bring many bad diseases which has not cured yet

When was Sonia Gobar born?

Sonia Gobar was born on October 1, 1917, in Paris, France.

What are the components present in gobar gas?

Gobar is an excreta of cattle such as Cow, Buffalow, etc. It has many advantages in Indian village scenario. When it is being collected into a dig, it starts getting decomposed. This decomposition would generate gas which is inflammable. Gobar Gas contains: Methane (CH4) about 60 % Carbon Dioxide (CO2) about 30 % Hydrogen (H2) about 8% Nitrogen (N2) about 1% Water vapour (H2O) about 1% CO2 and N2 can be easily filtered out for better combustion and rest of the contents burn efficiently. Atul Bal

What is the chief constituent in limestone?

Limestone is the compressed skeletal remains of minute sea-creatures.

Odourless flammable gas a constituent of petroleum and natural gas?

methane, odour is added to make it natural gas

What does gobar gas contain as a essay in Hindi?

To find the essay in Hindi type in गोबर गैस (gobar gas )on a search engine with Hindi as the language option to find pages giving details on the same in Hindi. Alternately searching for बायोगैस (biogas) will through up options of pages which can be translated into Hindi from where much information on the essay can be gathered.

What is a secondary fuel?

Fuels that are processed and prepared from raw or primary fuels are called secondary type of fuels. Examples are charcoal, coke, petrol, diesel, kerosene, coal gas, gobar gas, water gas.

How do you make scientific model with waste material?

gobar(cow dung) gas plant is a good example of scientific model with waste material.

What has the author Ash Gobar written?

Ash Gobar has written: 'Philosophy as higher enlightenment' -- subject(s): Dialectic, Philosophy, Realism

What are Secondary Fuels?

Fuels that are processed and prepared from raw or primary fuels are called secondary type of fuels. Examples are charcoal, coke, petrol, diesel, kerosene, gobar gas, water gas.

How do you prepare gobar gaS?

By mixing of fresh cow dung with water and make a slurry then put it into the plant. This preparation is contineous till the tank is filled up. Then wait for 72 hours to produce gas.

What Methane is the chief constituent of petroleum fuel?

False is the correct awnser by bailey bingham number is 7194683992

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