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Q: What is the child of your aunt called?
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What is a mother's father's child called?

A parent, an aunt or an uncle.

What is an honorary aunt?

An honorary aunt is a close friend of the parents who is called an aunt, though not related by blood. For example, if you have a friend who has a baby, you may be called an aunt (or uncle) by the child and parents even though you're not related.

What is the term for your aunt's child?

Your aunt's child is your first cousin.

What does your aunt call your child?

if it is a boy it is a cousin brother and if it is a girl it is a cousin sister

Why is it grandmother for a child's child but great aunt for a child of a sibling's child?

The same reason that it is a mother when it is her child and aunt for her sister's children.

What is your mother's great aunt to your child?

To your child, she would be a great great great aunt. If she is your mother's great aunt, that means she is your great great aunt, making her a great great great aunt to your child. I would just stick to calling her auntie or Aunt ______. :)

What is someone if they are your parent's aunt's daughter's kids and are you related?

Your parent's aunt is your great aunt. Your great aunt's daughter's child is her grand child. You and your great aunt's grandchild are second cousins.

What relation are you to the grandson of your niece?

Great great aunt/uncle. To your niece, you are the aunt/uncle, to her child you would be the great aunt/uncle. So you would then be the great great aunt/uncle of her child's child (her grandson)

What if a mother has a child and the mother has a aunt what is the mother's child to the aunt's children?

The mother and the aunt's child are first cousins to each other. The mother and the first cousin's child are first cousins, once removed.

Why does your baby cry when she sees your aunt?

most likely the aunt did something to the child when it was young to make it cry whenever the child sees the aunt.

What is the relationship when an uncle and niece have a child?

The child of your niece is your great nephew (if the child is a boy) or your great niece( if the child is a girl). You are the child's great aunt, because you are a woman. A man would be the child's great uncle.

How do we learn that aunt thought Matilda was a difficult child?

Matilda Aunt thought that Matilda is a difficult child because she lies