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Fez has a continental climate with extreme temperatures. In summer the Mercury can reach a sizzling 120F (45C), so a more pleasant time to visit would be during spring and autumn, when the weather is warm and dry. Winters, by contrast, are very cold

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2010-03-04 02:03:44
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Mountains in southeastern Algeria

Desert located in Namibia

River that starts in Ethiopia and flows north

River that forms the border between Congo and Zaire

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Q: What is the climate in Morocco?
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What climate zone is Morocco in?

a hot one

Does Morocco export bananas or imports them?

Morocco imports bananas; it does not have a climate wet enough to grow them.

What type of climate dose Morocco have?

A hot one.

Plants in Morocco?

Wow: Morocco has nice plants. The climate is quite nice but a little short on water.

Which nation has both highland and mediterraean climate zones?


Which nation has both highland and mediterranean climate zones?


What are the important landforms of Morocco?

there are many impotant landforms. like the saraha desert, the atlas mountains which go throught 1,500 miles of morocco, then there is toubkal which is the highest peak in morocco at 13,671 ft. high, and the climate is mostly subtropical.

What is the climate like in Morocco?

Morocco has a vast climate with extreme summers however also having warm winters too. There is not much rainfall due to to the high temperatures most of the year. The climate changes due to a barrier/shelter effect of the mountains turning it very dry and extremely warm during the summer.

The climate in southern Morocco can be extremely warm The people of southern Morocco often build their homes underneath trees in order to keep their homes cooler during the summer What type of relat?


What is the weather climate for Morocco?

Its mostly hot arid and 1 city gets snow for about 1 week/ year.

Name 6 countries with a hot desert climate?

Egypt Saudi Arabia Libya Morocco Israel Yemen

In what parts of Africa does the climate change with the seasons?

The climate changes with the seasons in many African countries. Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, Uganda Zambia and Zimbabwe all have climate per season.

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