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What is the climate of Alabama?

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Alabama is located in the southeastern region of the U.S. Under the Koppen climate classification, the state is classified as humid subtropical. Its average annual temperature is 64 deg Fahrenheit.

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What type of climate do Alabama?

The clamte of Alabama is is humid subtropical. Anwsered By: Caleb A Logan

How does the climate affect Alabama?

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Does Alabama and Georgia have the same climate?

yes i think they do

What was the climate for creek Indians?

The climate was very hot and humid in the summer in Alabama and Georgia, it was regular in Oklahoma

What is Alabama's climate?

The climate of Alabama is general mild, warm, and humid. Its latitude and proximity to the Gulf of Mexico are major factors in this.

What are three states in the US that have only one climate type?


Six climate types and their subdivisions?

Santa Maria, Alabama, Mexican, shi tzu.

Where did the creek Indians live what was the climate?

In the area that is now the Florida Panhandle, Alabama and Georgia.

What is Alabamas state climate?

The state of Alabama is classified as having humid and subtropical weather. The climate is temperate with an average temperature of 64 to 67 degrees.

What climate did the chickasaw Indians have?

The Chickasaw Native Americans lived in Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee. The climate in this areas is fairly mild, but do experience some cold weather.

What is the climate like in Israel in Jesus' time?

It was like a normal Mediterranean climate. Take it like Alabama for instance (because they are on the same line of latitude).

What climate did the choctaw Indians live in?

The Choctaw Native Americans were from the modern-day states Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, and Louisiana. This climate zone in this area is warm and humid.

Is Alabama in the southeast?

Yes it is in the southeast. It is next to Georgia and above Florida. Lots of open country and the climate is great.

What was the political climate of Alabama in the 1930s?

Killing mockingbirds was unlawful. That's all I've got. Good luck.

Which state has a desert - Alabama or Arizona?

The Southern part of Arizona has a desert climate.

Where is the best place to live in the US for a cool but comfortable climate?

In auburn Alabama when it is cold its not that cold and a good town to live in!

What is the climate of Birmingham Alabama?

average high in January is 53 and the low is 34. average high in July is 91 and the low is 71.

Can good bananas be grown in Alabama?

Depends where you live in Alabama. Getting them to produce fruit requires that you know something about bananas and a little about the climate. It is said of Mobile, for example, that it is easier to raise a crop of bananas than a crop of apples

Why can Alabama have a rainforest?

Mostly Alabama can have a rainforest because of its humid subtropical climate and its abundant rainfall. You won't find any tropical rainforests there because it's not hot enough but it is moist enough to support humid pine/cypress rainforests

What is different about Florida and Alabama?

Florida is relatively flat, while Alabama contains flatland, hills and mountains in the northern portion. The climate in the southern tier of Al. is pretty much the same as Florida, while further north it's not as wet. People don't grow old in NY, and come to Alabama to die like they do in Florida.

What is the climate in Florida Georgia Alabama Mississippi Louisiana Arkansas Tennessee North and South Carolina Kentucky Vermont and West Virginia?

the climate in this area also known as the south west is humid subtropical.. and if u don't know this Ur dumb

Who are the remaining unbeaten teams in college football today '?

Alabama,Alabama, Alabama and Alabama

Can magnolia trees grow in Wisconsin?

Typically, no, Wisconsin does not have the correct climate and conditions for the Magnolia tree. They are more typically found in southern states, such as Florida, Georgia, and Alabama.

Where did Alabama get it name?

Alabama got it name from the alabama river.

What are 3 universitys in Alabama?

University of Alabama Auburn University Samford University Alabama A&M University of North Alabama University of West Alabama University of South Alabama Alabama State University University of Mobile

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