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the answer of the climax for Gary Pusan book Brian's hunt is, when Brian took the bow and shout it!!!! jkjk

resolution: he survived the camps & wrote this book climax: his father dying

finds a bird in the gutter on the island then realises that penises hurt

What is the climax for the book marley and me

Gary Paulsen's Nightjohn was published in 1993.

The Foot Book has no true climax. Its a Dr. Seuss book.

I think some words or letters are missing from your question. A resolution to a story is a climax which is basically solving the crux of the plot and climax. I don't know what was the climax of the Spy On The Night Riders. Read the book and find the climax or ask your English teacher.

There is no climax. Night Shift is a collection of short stories that Stephen King wrote for magazines and newspapers in 60s and 70s.

What is the climax of the divergent

The climax in Found by Margaret Peterson Haddix is when JB appears in in the cave with Gary, Hodge, and all the missing kids and all the adults have to explain their views of time and what they want to do with

Mad world - gary jules Say - john mayer

The climax of the book the secret school is i dont know can you please answer this

the climax of the book olive's ocean is ...

the climax is when Kyle turns into a beast.

The climax happens when they finally complete the book and it gets published.

The climax of a book is the main turning point or most exciting point in a story( movie, book, etc.). :D

Gary Paulsens favorite book is hatchet

Gary Soto's favorite book is "JESSE".

what is the climax of the book the three musketeers

The climax is when Dovey is proved innocent.

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