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Impact. Near earth objects can actually strike the earth. They have in the past, and will in the future.

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What kind of object is Ceres?

Ceresis the largest asteroid in the asteroid belt. It is technically classified as a dwarf planet and is the closest dwarf planet to Earth in the solar system.

What was the closest ever asteroid observed near miss in history to Earth?

38 purple nurples away.

Can an asteroid destroy the earth?

No, an asteroid cannot destroy earth, but a large enough asteroid can have devastating effects on the life on Earth

Is the moon is the closest star to the earth?

The moon that revolves around the earth is not a star, it is part of the earth that was thrown off into space when the earth was hit by a large asteroid early in its development, about 30 million years after the earth first was formed. The closest star to the Earth is our Sun, it is a star and it is called Sol.

Is earth inside the asteroid belt?

Earth is inside the asteroid belt

What is the closest planet to the asteroid belt?


Is planet sedna the closest to the asteroid belt?


Where did the asteroid hit the earth?

What asteroid? There were several.

Is Earth inside or outside of the asteroid belt?

The earth is inside the asteroid belt.

The earth been destroyed by a asteroid?

No, if the Earth was destroyed by an asteroid we would not be living today.

What planet is Mars next to?

Mars is between Earth and Jupiter. The planet that approaches closest to it is Earth. Also Mars is next to the "Main Asteroid Belt", which is between Mars and Jupiter.

What significance does the date October 31st 2015 have for asteroid 2015 TB145 and Earth?

It will be the closest encounter with such a big object for almost 12 years.

What dwarf planet is closest to Mercury?

It is the asteroid, Ceres.

What are the four planets closest to the sun called?

The four planets closest to the sun are called the inner planets. They are Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. The asteroid belt lies between the inner and outer planets.

What are the chances of an asteroid hitting earth?

The chances of an asteroid from the asteroid belt hitting Earth are very close to zero. The chances of a so-called "near Earth asteroid" hitting Earth are much higher... in fact, they hit Earth all the time, and are seen as meteors ("shooting stars").

What other planets are closest to mars?

Earth and Venus are the closest, as the distance to Jupiter is extremely far.---Earth is the closest, at a minimum of 54.6 million kilometers or 33.9 million miles(this minimum very rarely occurs).Venus is next closest at a minimum of 97.7 million kilometers.Jupiter is at a minimum of 491.4 million kilometers, as it is on the other side of the the Main Asteroid Belt, which is immediately adjacent to Mars. The distance from Mars to the asteroid (dwarf planet) Ceres is a minimum of 132 million kilometers.

What are NEAs?

Most asteroids are in the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter. But a few do come close to the Earth; these are called Near Earth Asteroids. You can see a list of NEAs, and the dates that they will come closest to the Earth, at Asteroids and comets have collided with the Earth in the past, and someday one will collide with Earth in the future. Depending on the mass of the asteroid, the damage could be catastrophic. 65 million years ago, scientists now believe that an asteroid or comet hit the Earth, causing the extinction of the dinosaurs and most life on Earth.

Could the asteroid belt hit earth?

No. Occasionally an asteroid is knocked out of the asteroid belt and some of those asteroids eventually hit Earth, but the asteroid belt as a whole will not hit us.

Is the earth inside or outside the asteroid belt?

It is outside of the asteroid belt. That is to say it's not within the belt. However, sometimes we say the Earth is located "inside" the asteroid belt. By this we mean Earth is between the Sun and the asteroid belt.

Which dwarf planet is 257 million miles from the sun?

Ceres. Its in the Asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, the closest of the dwarf planets to Earth and our sun.

Is it possible that an asteroid could hit the earth?

An asteroid will hit the Earth, it is only a question of when. Astronomers are always tracking near earth asteroids, but we currently have no way to prevent an asteroid impact.

What star is closest to earth?

the sun is closest to earth The Sun is the star closest to earth

Is the Earth bigger than an asteroid?

Yes. Earth is much larger tha even the largest asteroid.

Will an asteroid will hit Earth this week?

Probably not. I haven't seen any news about an asteroid about to strike Earth.

Put the moon earth sun and asteroid in order from smallest to greatest?

Asteroid, moon, earth, sun.

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