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Impact. Near earth objects can actually strike the earth. They have in the past, and will in the future.

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An maritime tropical air mass would be best described as

What are the main sources of meteoroids

The lifting and removal of loose material by wind is called

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Q: What is the closest an asteroid can get to Earth?
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What is the smallest asteroid?

1991 BA is the closest and smallest asteroid yet observed outside the Earth's atmosphere. Reference.

What kind of object is Ceres?

Ceresis the largest asteroid in the asteroid belt. It is technically classified as a dwarf planet and is the closest dwarf planet to Earth in the solar system.

What was the closest ever asteroid observed near miss in history to Earth?

38 purple nurples away.

Can an asteroid destroy the earth?

No, an asteroid cannot destroy earth, but a large enough asteroid can have devastating effects on the life on Earth

What is the closest planet to the asteroid belt?


Is planet sedna the closest to the asteroid belt?


Is earth inside the asteroid belt?

Earth is inside the asteroid belt

Is the moon is the closest star to the earth?

The moon that revolves around the earth is not a star, it is part of the earth that was thrown off into space when the earth was hit by a large asteroid early in its development, about 30 million years after the earth first was formed. The closest star to the Earth is our Sun, it is a star and it is called Sol.

Where did the asteroid hit the earth?

What asteroid? There were several.

Is Earth inside or outside of the asteroid belt?

The earth is inside the asteroid belt.

What dwarf planet is closest to Mercury?

It is the asteroid, Ceres.

What was the smallest asteroid ever found?

1991 BA is the closest and smallest asteroid yet observed outside the Earth's atmosphere.---- Reference.

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