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Well, well, well! Now there is one greedy person! Don't be so greedy! There is no code for 999999999 gems!

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โˆ™ 2012-02-10 19:56:50
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Q: What is the code for 999999999 gems on Animal Jam?
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What is the code for one million gems on animal jam?

There isn't a code for one million gems on Animal Jam, sorry.

What is a code for 10000 gems on Animal Jam?

No codes for gems exceed 1000.

What is the code in animal jam to get 9999999999 gems in animal jam?

everyone wants it it just aint real

What is the seahorse code in animal jam?

there is no code you have to buy it for 400 gems

What is a code for 1000 gems in Animal Jam?


How do you get 99999999999999999 gems on animal jam?

look for a code for 999999999999999999 gems or earn that much

What is the code to get 3900000 gems in animal jam?

you cant get that many gems it just aint real

How do you get 1000 gems animal jam codes never used?

the code to get 1000 gems is discovery

What is a code for 1000 gems on Animal Jam?

explorer2012 gives you 1000 gems

What is the code for the 25000 gems on animal jam?

tresure is the 25000

What Animal Jam code gives you 2000 gems?


Is there a code on animal jam for 5000 gems?

sadly, no there's not

What is the code on Animal Jam that gets you 9000 gems?


Is there a code on animal jam that gives you 5000 gems?

I am sorry, but the answer is no. :(

What is a member ship code for gems on animal jam?

29384018239mammoth that is the code.

Is there a code to getting 1000000 gems on animal jam?

It's treasure.

What is the code for the lion on Animal Jam?

There is not a code for a lion, but if you buy an animal jam gift card from Toys R Us, you will get a lion.i s roar it only gives you 1000 gemsi s roar it only gives you 1000 gems

What does the animal jam code gorilla do?

ok the code gorilla gives you 1,000 gems If you don't know that every code gives at least 1,000 gems.

What is the animal jam member ship code?

Explorer 100 Gems Ngkidsrox 1000 Gems Bemybuddy 500 Gems

What some code for 2000 gems on animal jam?

sadly,there is not a code... well you could use 2 codes

What are the Animal Jam codes?

The codes are gecko, it gives you a green gecko plushie. The second code is explore2012 is gives you 1000 gems. explorer gives you 100 gems. Another code is discovery, which is 100 gems.

How do you get a lot of gems on animal jam?

If you want lots of gems on animal jam you just have to play games for gems

How do you get 1000 gems on animal jam?

You could get 1000 gems by playing games (double gem games work best) getting membership, or entering a code at the signup. Codes are found within National Geographic magazines at the Animal Jam page.

WHAT IS THE Stinking arctic wolf code on Animal Jam arctic fox code on Animal Jam?

At some Wal-marts, in the computer section with giftcards they have the arcticwolf giftcards with give you the arctic wolf character and 15,000 gems to spend.

What are some animal jam code for pets?

Sorry, but there are no animal jam codes that unlock pets. There are, however codes to unlock gems, and a green gecko plushie. For all working codes search, " What are some animal jam codes" Popcorn282 on AJ