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I checked, it worked for me!

have fun!

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Q: What is the code for the exo force combat crawler?
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What is the exo-force combat crawler X2's code brick code?

its xlrd48dhhf

What is the Exo force mobile devastator brick code?


What is the exo force Aero Booster's code?

Aero Booster: xfghy5ce

Can someone tell me an exo force brick code?

The code for the Golden Tower is: xfjk4npg The code for Cyclone Defender is: xflnqk2j

When will Exo-Force end?

The Exo Force series will end in latye 2008. -Voltkin 21

Where can you get a Lego exo-force supernova?

You can get a LEGO Exo-Force Supernova from retailers such as Amazon and Toys'R'Us. You can also find it on eBay.

When will Lego exo-force be released?

its out now its out now its out now

What bats do they use in aau baseball?

In AAU baseball they use exo's,stealth's,combat's,omaha's,........etc.

Is there still a Lego Exo-Force Deep Jungle game?

eres tonto

What Lego EXO-FORCE is the best?

AERO BOOSTER! NO DOUBT! It is available from Amazon.

Where can I find legos exo force?

A great place to start looking for legos would be ToysRus. This store has all the legos including the exo force. Target would be another great store for toys. The prices are pretty low for legos.

Where can I find parts for my legos exo force?

You can find parts for your Legos Exo Force online easily. You could check an online toy store, or you can go on sites like amazon, or eBay to find it for cheaper if someone is selling what you need.