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The simplest 'cheat' is to change the system date before you open the store. The game simply allows a different item to be purchased every day of the month, 31 items in all. And here they are...

1 - Green Chaos Emerald

2 - Fire Shield

3 - Ark Shot (mini game)

4 - Amethyst Chaos Emerald

5 - Omni Chao

6 - Super Aquamarine

7 - Sonic Medly (song)

8 - Chaos Diamond

9 - Chao Egg

10 - Super Ruby

11 - Emerald Pop (mini game)

12 - Chaos Topaz

13 - Electric Shield

14 - Super Topaz

15 - Stats Card

16 - Chaos Sapphire

17 - SNK Catapult (song)

18 - Super Sapphire

19 - Bubble Shield

20 - Chaos Aquamarine

21 - Around the World (mini game)

22 - Super Emerald

23 - Basic Shield

24 - Super Diamond

25 - Egg Catcher (mini game)

26 - Chaos Ruby

27 - Space Machine OCR (song)

28 - Super Amethyst

29 - Boss Battles (mini game)

30 - Beta Emerald

31 - Floating Baloon (shield)

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Q: What is the code in the store in sonic boom cannon 2?
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