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Q: What is the code to install NBA live 2006?
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Key code of NBA Live 2004?

who is the code for nba live 2004

What is the CD code of NBA live 2004?

I have the CD for the nba live game 2004 but I lost the code number to play it on the computer.

What is the code to install NBA 07 for the PC?

456378 345278 125478 897067

What are the songs from NBA live 2006?

epic LOL

What is the cheat code for NBA Live06?

What is the cheat code for nba live 06 on Nintendo game-cube na sports

What is the sprite code for nba live 2009 for xbox 360?


Code to unlock JAY Z on nba live 08?


Can you download NBA live 2006 on PC legally?

No, you must buy the game

Is Michael Jordan in NBA live 2006?

no because he wants alot of money so they can do it

Nba live 09 365 code?

You have to buy another game it costs 19.99

Which psp game is better NBA live 2007 NBA live 2008 or NBA live 2009?

nba live 2008 is good and nba live 2007 but nba live 2009 not that good

Sprite code for monster dunks on NBA live 09 for ps3?

on cheat codes guides someguy called Jason said it was "SPRITESLAM" case sensitive. im not sure if it is right