What is the codes aqw?

Updated: 12/7/2022
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You can talk to Valencia in the BattleOn town square and type in a code to unlock different items.

Type: dragonkhan8234820 to get a weapon called Dragon Khan Blade.

Type: Thirteen1 to get a badger helm.

Type: Oicu812 to get a weapon called Skullwraith.

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There are two codes for the gaming site"AQW"...

They are Thirteen1

and oicu812

you can access the woman by going to the battle on square town and click on valencia and type them in

Also i have used these myself and see what you get

Good luck with the game onwards beginers and masters of AQW!

This was made by masternightshade - Ethan(eduards best mate!)

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Q: What is the codes aqw?
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What are some AQW codes?


Is there more special codes in AQW than oicu812?

yes there is more codes in aqw than oicu812 it is thirteen1

What are the special codes in aqw?

thirteen1 and oicu812.

Codes in aqw other than oicu812?


What are the valencia codes in aqw?

oicu812 thirteen1 dragonkhan8234280

What is all the Beckett codes for aqw?

OICU812 and thirteen13

What are codes for aqw?

Just use "Prizerebel" It'll take you about 15 minutes to get 3 months free on AQW.

Where do you put the codes on aqw?

Ussualy you put the codes in with valincia except card clasher class

What are the codes for aqw?

the codes are oicu812 for skullwraith the sword and there used to be a code thirteen1 but its stopped now

What are some cheat codes for

nope there are no cheats for aqw

What is the code for Valencias shop in AQW?

The CODES are oicu812 and thirteen1

What is all of the codes to aqw?

oicu812 is the only one i know