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Q: What is the coefficient of friction between rubber and polypropylene?
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What is the coefficient of friction of linoleum rubber?

You need two different materials to determine the coefficient of friction. Without another material you cannot know what the coefficient of friction is.

What is the coefficient of static friction for wood on rubber?

Over 9000!

Does ice has a higher coefficient of friction than rubber does?

Rubber has more friction than an ice cube. Ice has almost no friction what so ever.

What do you say your shoes have that stops them from sliding?

A high coefficient of friction between the rubber bottom of the shoe and most types of terrain.

Do rubber tyres show more friction or less friction?

Rubber will have a high coefficient of friction on most surfaces, but we cannot know whether there is more or less friction unless we have something to compare it to.

What is the value of coefficient of friction of emery cloth?

Depends on the other surface. Coefficients of friction are generally tabulated for pairs of materials. Emery cloth on Teflon, for example, will have a lower coefficient of friction than emery cloth on rubber.

What is physical difference between surfaces with high and low coefficients of friction?

A high coefficient of friction may be caused by a rough surface. It may also be the result of surfaces sticking together, as in the case of rubber which tends to stick to certain surfaces, at least when it is dry. Lubrication - such as a thin layer of oil - tends to reduce the coefficient of friction.

How much friction thick carpet produces?

It doesn't work that way - friction is not something that is "produced". The way it works is that you have a coefficient of friction for two surfaces that are in contact. Then you use that coefficient of friction, and multiply it by the normal force, to calculate the actual FORCE of friction.For the coefficient of friction, you need to specify a PAIR of substances; for example, carpet against glass would probably have less friction than carpet against rubber.

Can the coefficient of friction be negative?

yeah it can be negative but this is not the most common phenomena , friction is reduced by smoothening the surface of the body if two extremely somoothened bodies are slided over each other then you would expect that they should have been moving very smoothly but the actual thing happeining is entirely different , even though the bodies are smooth enough to avoid friction as both the are of same composition adhesive forces (force of attraction between similar molecules) dominates and thus act as frictional force resisting the motion between them

What is the coefficient of friction of rubber on grass?

Check the following webiste and scroll down the large coefficient of friction table. The table contains COF valus for rubber on cement in both wet and dry conditions. Also, understand that rubber is a considerably soft material, the COF is easily effected by the amount of normal force, the temperature, etc. Hope this helps.

How does tire tread increase friction between tire and road?

tires are made of rubber and rubber can cause friction

If your pulling 30 lb tire on a lawn what is the estimated weight youre actually pulling because of friction?

the equation for static friction coefficient is:static friction coefficient = force required to break bond / weight of object (tire)you need the friction coefficient between rubber and grass, say its 0.5, this means the force you have to apply to equal the friction force is:0.5 = x / 30x = 0.5 * 30x = 15 lbs fanything greater than 15 lbs f will break the bond and accelerate the tire.notes :1 / moving friction coefficient is usually less than static friction coefficient, so youve less drag once its moving.2 / friction coefficients are never greater than 1.0actually , some friction coefficients do exceed 1.0 , see google / friction coefficients table