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it is the collection of computer and devises connected togethere, and connected in the sane building or immediate area

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Q: What is the collection of hosts connected by networking device?
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Hosts as related to Computer Networking?

Hosts, as related to computer networking are computers that have complete two-way access to other computers across the Internet.

What three ways hosts can be connected to an ISP and the Internet?

Direct Connection, Connection Through an Integrated Router, and a Connection Through a Gateway Device.

How can you verify that two hosts are connected and communicating properly?

run 'ipconfig' command on both hosts

Which two networking devices are used to connect hosts to the access layer?

Hubs and Switches

Whitch two networking are used to connect hosts to the access layer?


Two networking devices that are used to connect hosts to the access layer?

A Hub or a Switch

What networking devices are used to connect hosts to the access layer?

Tsk, Tsk , Take the cisco Test

What are Hosts on a network?

Any computer which is connected to network and has unique ip address for the network.

You are adding a 5th computer to an existing network that is using a 4 port router Which device would you need to make the addition to the network easiest?

A switch can be connected to the router using a crossover cable, to add more hosts to the network.

Where is Laura Baldesarra now that she has left Fox Sports World?

she now hosts Setanta Connected

What device must be selected to provide collision free connections to 40 hosts on a LAN?


What device increases broadcast overhead traffic in the network?

Large numbers of hosts on a single network:Actual Data OverheadA big part of the overhead is broadcasts.In this context, each network is called a broadcast domain.Switches forward broadcasts to each device connected to a switch port.If we can reduce broadcast overhead, it would improve performance on the network.

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