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Peridot rings are a lime green color. They kind of look like May's birthstone- an emerald, but they are not as dark. They are sometimes different shades, but the main color is always going to be green.

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Q: What is the color of a peridot ring?
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What is the difference between peridot and peridot quartz?

Peridot quartz is just the color possibly. Peridot is actually a semi precious stone. Cabochon is a type of cut. As for the Peridot Quartz.....I am not sure if it is actual peridot or a another name game to sell lab-created crap.

What is the color of peridot gemstone?

Peridot is one of the few gemstones that occur in only one color: basically yellow-green through olive-green to bottle-green. The intensity of the color depends on the presence of iron. The common color of Peridot gemstone is brilliant green - check out the images here: Its the birthstone of those born on August.

Are there different types of peridot?

There are different qualities and color variations of peridot. Some are a light greenish yellow, but they can vary to a lime or even olive color.

How does peridot form?

by its streak color luster and density

What is the streak color of peridot?

the streak is a white or brown powder

What is the HTML color coding for Peridot?

The color values should be in a ratio of roughly 10:11:4 (red:green:blue) for Peridot, so a darker tone could be #9cb325, a lighter one could be #d7ed5e.

What does a peridot birthstone look like?

A Peridot Gem is the mineral that represents the month of August. This mineral is most of the time always round, a lightly pink color and is a very precious gemstone to have or find.A peridot is a August diamond

What is August birth stone?


What type of stone is a Peridot stone?

A Peridot stone is an Olivine stone of gem quality. It is a magnesium rich silicate and has a greenish color. One can find more information about the stone on Wikipedia.

What color are Jupiter's ring?

black is the color of the ring of Jupiter

Is peridot a type of opal?

No. Peridot is olivine.

What is the peridot's luster?

Peridot's luster is vitreous to oily. (:

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