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It is called Fusing. Or FUSION.

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Q: What is the combining of atoms called?
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What is one type of compound formed by atoms combining called?

a chemical compound

What covalent bonds are their role in combining atoms?

The covalent bonds are their role in combining atoms Is In Your Facee ;D

What do most atoms undergo combining in ways that cause their atoms to become more?

Most atoms tend to undergo chemical reactions combining in ways that cause their atoms to become more stable

Materials of low mass are fused together to form a substance of higher mass during what?

Combining lighter atoms to produce heavier atoms is called fusion.

A nuclear reaction in which the nuclei of atoms join together is called nuclear fission.true or false?

False. Combining nuclei to form a new nucleus is called nuclear fusion. Nuclear fission is the splitting of an atomic nucleus.

What are the two ways nuclear energy can be released?

Fusion (combining light atoms into heavier atoms), and fission (splitting heavy atoms).

The combining of atoms to form molecules or ionic compounds?

Chemical Bonding

What is A new substance formed by combining atoms of different elements?

What is an atom

Explain what covalent bonds are and their role in combining atoms?

covalent bond is a type of bond between atoms in which the electrons are shared.

What atoms can you get by combining oxygen and hydrogen?

If you have 1 hydrogen and 2 oxygen, you get water.

Does all the atoms in a compound stay the same?

Stay the same as....?. When combining they may share/donate electron(s) to neighbouring atoms.

Who discovered conducted experiments in combining elements?

John Dalton conducted experiments combining elements with atoms.