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Q: What is the common material found inside the classroom?
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Where is the genetic and reproductive material found in the cell?

The genetic material of the cell is found in the nucleus. This material (DNA) can reproduce inside the cell by a process known as replication.

What soft material is found inside the cavity of a bone?


What materials are found inside the nucleus?

Genetic material ie. DNA.

What is the unattached material found inside the nucleus?

chromatin and a nucleolus :) not too complicated

What is another common name for the hereditary material?

Genes which are found on the chromosomes.

Where is the fatty material found inside the central cavities of long bones?

Yellow Marrow

What are some things found in a classroom that begins with the letter '' y ''?

A yardstick is found in the classroom. It begins with the letter y.

Where are organelles found?

Organelles are found in cells.They are the components. For example, inside an animal cell would be ribsomes and a nucleus and vacuoles and lysosomes.The material inside a ce which organelles are found is cytoplasmOrganelles are located in the cytoplasm.cytoplasmin cytoplasm

Which material is most abundant in the most common form of sand?

The most common type of material found in sand is silica followed by calcium carbonate. However, the composition of sand is dependent on the location of the source material.

Is oxygen found in any common material?

Any material that has Oxide in its name contains Oxygen. For example, RUST is Iron Oxide.

What does polyester make?

Polyester is a material usually found in common things such as clothing and blankets.

What are some things found in a classroom that begins with the letter '' i ''?

Instructors, index cards, information and imagination are found in a classroom. They begin with the letter i.