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That is its common name. They are further described mostly by color and habitat.

Red-faced spider monkey

White-fronted spider monkey

Brown spider monkey (aka Hybrid Spider Monkey)

White-cheeked spider monkey

Black-headed spider monkey

Brown-headed spider monkey

Ornate spider monkey (subspecies Geoffroy's)

Peruvian spider monkey

Colombian spider monkey

(Geoffroy's spider monkeys:)

- Yucatan spider monkey

- Mexican spider monkey

- Nicaraguan spider monkey

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Q: What is the common name for a spider monkey?
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What is the scientific name to the spider monkey?

The scientific name to the spider monkey is "Ateles geoffroyi"

What is the name of one type of monkey?

Spider monkey.

What do the spider monkey and woolly monkey have in common?

they're both monkeys

Is spider monkey a vertibrate?

A spider monkey (scientific name: Ateles) has a spine, making it a vertebrate.

Is a spider monkey a monkey or a spider?

A monkey.

In My Gym Partner's a Monkey what's the spider monkey's name?


What is the scientific name of the spider monkey?

There are several species and a few sub-species with similar names, including Geoffroyi's spider monkey. They are all of the genus Ateles. The similar species is the yellow-tailed woolly monkey (Oreonax flavicauda).Species of spider monkeys include:Red-faced spider monkey, Ateles paniscusWhite-fronted spider monkey, Ateles belzebuthPeruvian spider monkey, Ateles chamekBrown spider monkey, Ateles hybridusWhite-cheeked spider monkey, Ateles marginatusBlack-headed spider monkey, Ateles fuscicepsBrown-headed spider monkey, Ateles fusciceps fuscicepsColombian spider monkey, Ateles fusciceps rufiventrisGeoffroy's spider monkey, Ateles geoffroyi- Yucatan spider monkey, Ateles geoffroyi yucatanensis- Mexican spider monkey, Ateles geoffroyi vellerosus- Nicaraguan spider monkey, Ateles geoffroyi geoffroyi- Ornate spider monkey, Ateles geoffroyi ornatus

Does a spider monkey have a common or nickname?

how do spider monkeys get the nickname spider. where does that nickname come from.and how long have they has this nickname.

Monkey species name?

capuchin is one of them. more- howler monkey, spider monkey etc.

What is a spider-monkey?

the spider monkey is a monkey that eats spiders and scurries like a spider.

What is the common name for a monkey?


What is the name of the baby spider monkey?

They are called infants

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