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A logo is an emblem used and copyrighted by companies and or people which establish a picture for their clients. Emblems are the makers seal if you will for most companies.

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Q: What is the compact disc logo?
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What do the letters inCD-ROM stand for?

Compact Disc-Read Only Memory

The abbrevation of CD stands for?

CD stands for Compact Disc.

What is the abbreviation for a compact disc?

CD stands for compact disc.

What does CDS stand for?

If you are speaking in terms of MUSIC, it would be Compact Disc. The "C" stands for "Compact" and the "D" stands for "Disc".

Did IBM create the compact disc?

no IBM didn't invented compact disc

What is the weight of a compact disc?

The weight of a compact disc is approx 1.6 Newtons.

IS CD compact disc capitalized?

"CD" is capitalized because it is an abbreviation for "compact disc", but "compact disc" is a common noun so would not be capitalized.

What does CD mean in computer term?

In computer lingo, CD stands for Compact Disc.

What are the dimensions of a compact disc?

A standard compact disc is 120 millimeters in diameter (or approximately 4.72 inches).

How do cds work?

Compact discs (CD) are read from the inside out ... About an inch of the The inner radius of a compact discs is used for clamping and is used to identify the manufacturer ... These parts of the compact discs can not be copied with out side data and can not be damage with the exception of snapping the whole compact discs in half ... A compact disc that constants music has the inner band of data which is called the lead-in hold the table of contents for the compact disc ... The table of content lets the compact discs know how to navigate around the disc ... Music on a compact disc start just outside the lead-in ... The larger the music track the grater the width is on the compact disc ... A compact disc can hold upwards to 80 minutes of music ... You can tell where the music is on a compact disc by the barker shades on the compact disc ... when the compact disc is not full you can tell by the lightness on the compact disc ... To tell where the tracks are on a music compact disc there are very thin faint circles that separate the ... Unlike a vinyl record which is read by a needle which lies within the grooves a compact disc is read by a laser which allows it to be read with only the laser beam "touching" the data ... The laser beam enters the compact disc on the play side and travels through the compact discs clear plastic layer which picks up information from the data layer then bounces off the reflective coating on the back side of the data layer ... The reflected laser beam then travels back through the clear plastic layer out of the compact disc and into the compact disc player's detector ... The detector then helps the compact disc player convert the information carried by the laser into sound ...

Who made the first compact disc?

Inventor, James Russell made the first compact disc. He discovered this invention on the date of August, 17th, 1982. Another name for a compact disc is CD.

What do the letters CD stand for?

The CD that goes into a CD player is compact disc. CD-ROM is "compact disc - read-only memory". On the back of a car, it means Corps Diplomatique, a French way of saying "I'm a diplomat so don't even think of arresting me". In finance, and specifically investment, it stands for "certificate of deposit".