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Dr. Jose Rizal's brother is Paciano Rizal.

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Q: What is the complete name of Dr. Jose Rizal's brother?
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Why Jose Rizals name protasio?

The Right Answer is Joseph Arignacio Rizal

Why dona teodora choose Jose rizals name?

Francisco and Teodora’s seventh child, Jose, adopted the name Rizal to enable him to travel freely and to dissociate himself from his brother Paciano, who had gained notoriety by supporting the cause of revolutionary Filipino priests like Fr. Jose Burgos.

Where did Jose rizal name came from?

Jose Rizal was born Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda. When he enrolled at Ateneo Municipal de Manila, he was advised by his brother to just use the first three of his complete name so he only used Jose Protasio Rizal.

What is the complete name of Dr Jose Rizal?

Dr. Jose Rizal is the national hero of the Philippines. His complete name is Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda.

What is the complete name of Jose Rizal?

Jose Protacio Mercado y Realonda

Where did rizals parents get his middle name?


What is Jose Rizal's complete name?

Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado Y Alonso Realonda

What is the name of Jose Rizal's mother?

Rizals Mother isDona Teodora Alonzo Realonda.She was Rizal's first teacher in rhethorics.rizal made a poem to her mother entitled "my inspiration"

What is the complete legal name of drjose rizal?

The complete legal name of Dr. Jose Rizal is Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda. He is considered a great hero of the Philippines.

Why Jose protacio rizal mercado y realonda?

that is his complete name

What is the complete name of rizal?

Jose protacio y mercado rizal

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