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Recognition of object permanence, as an infant's head will follow a ball as it rolls behind an obstacle and 'look' for it when it does not roll out as 'expected', indicates a cognitive stage capable of hypothesis-building: where did the ball go?

The idea is that at a certain point, the child moves from object impermanence (when he can't see something it no longer exists for him) to object permanence (even when something is not present, it still exists). That mental transition for a child affects a lot of things, such as remembering where a favored toy was left.

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Q: What is the concept of object permanence in relation to child development?
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A two year old child covers a toy with a blanket then removes the blanket to see if the toy is still there in plagets theory of child development this child is beginning to understand the concept of?

"Piaget" ... The child is beginning to understand the concept of object permanence.

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A two year old child covers a toy with a blanket then removes the blanket to see that the toy is still there in Piaget's theory of child development this child is beginning to understand the concep?

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