What is the connection between Easter and bunny rabbit?


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The Easter Bunny brings the eggs and the Bunny Rabbit eats them!

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The Easter bunny does have a tail because he is a RABBIT.

Easter BunnyNo, the Easter bunny is a rabbit, not a human.

the bunny rabit is apart of the pagion holiday

The Easter Bunny!

The rabbit is know for being an animal that reproduces quickly. So the rabbit in Easter is supposed to represent life.

The earliest record of anEaster Bunny or Easter Rabbit was written in 1682, regarding an Alsace tradition.

A rabbit is a animal that is bigger than a bunny. Also,it is almost the same as a bunny.Bunny is a term coined to make the rabbit too cute to eat as food. It usually is used for a young rabbit or the Easter Bunny.

well i know its defintly a rabbit its just anormal rabbit there is no type

easter; among other things

Any rabbit drinks water.

A bunny is an animal that has a lot to do with spring. So whoever came up with the Easter Bunny was thinking of when the rabbits came out at around spring/Easter time every year.

because a bunny symbolizes that spring has started and a new life

maybe bacause of the bunny rabbit and a rabbit does lay eggs

Theres supposed to be a verb in between "you and her"... My answer... I dont find this funny nor do I find the Easter bunny appropriate.

Depends how you define "celebrate." They enjoy Kanichenschnitzel (rabbit sausages) on Easter.

no he is not he lays eggs

The Easter Bunny originates from Easter Island, which is between South America and Australia.

The Easter bunny is another animal. It is a bird that wanted to be a rabbit and had its wish fulfilled. That is why the Easter bunny lay eggs.ORThe tradition of the Easter bunny and easter eggs is pagan in nature and refers to fertility, the theme for the Vernal (spring) Equinox. Since rabbits are prolific procreators (they have lots of baby bunnies), they are symbolic of fertility. The rabbit was the sacred animal of Eastre, the goddess of the dawn and the spring.

His name is EB, it stands for Easter Bunny. = P

yes he did i think her name is Sarah e rabbit

It has to do with the futility of the rabbit being symbolic of the rebirth if life at spring.

As both the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus are of exceedingly generous and benevolent natures, it is highly improbable that either of them would engage in any sort of altercation. But the rabbit would be faster ...

Traditionally Easter Sunday. This may vary as he/she is just a rabbit and can get a tad confused.

so we can have chocolate easter eggs , brought by the reverent easter bunny.

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