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what is the defination of Economics

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Q: What is the correct definition of economics?
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What is the scientific definition of economics?

DEfinition of Scientific economics

What is the definition of economics of education?

Definition home economics education?

What is the definition of investment in economics?


What is the definition of economics by feliciano fajardo?

Feliciano Fajardo defines economics as the correct and efficient use of resources. These resources should be used so that the greatest benefit is received by the people.

Definition home economics education?

home economics definitions

What is the definition of Adam smith about economics?

economics is the study of wealth

What is the definition of labor in economics?

the definition of labor and economic

Who must know the scientific definition of economics?

Everyone studying Economics.

What are the 3 definition of economics?

-Monetary - -

Definitions of economics by different authors?

10 definition of economics by defferent authors

What are the important elements in the definition of economics?


What is the definition of economist?

someone who specializes in economics :)

What is A.C. Pigou economics definition?

Who was A.C.Pigou

Choose the best definition of economics.?

All Of These ( A+ )

Why is Liond Robbins definition of Economics widely accepted?

why is professor[lord] Lionel C. Robbins definition of economics the most widely accepted

Modern definition of economics?

The basic economics are culture, taxes, money, trade, goods and buisness.

What is Adam smith economics definition?

wealth of nations

what was the year when H.J Davenport give the definition of economics?

Definition of economics by John Stuart Mill?

He defines economics as a political science in the production and distribution of wealth.

Comparison between Alfred marshall and robin's definition of economics?

The comparism between the definition of economics given by Alfred Marshall & Robbins is that it both studies human behaviors.

What is the definition of economics by J.H Davenport?

He defined economics as the science that treats phenomena from the standpoint of price

Filipino economist and their definition of economics?

Taga-Marisci ka no?

Economics is a science of wealth which enquires into the nature and causes of wealth of nations who gave this definition of economics?

Adam smith

What is the definition of Building Economics?

building economics is considered as an irrelevant subjectcin the construction industry. justify the statement above

What is a economics definition?

Economics is the branch of social science that deals with the production and distribution and consumption of goods and services and their management,