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What is the correct way to put on football pads?

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I take it you are too embarrassed to ask any of the team members, but you can watch and see how they do it. However, here is the correct way to put on ALL safety equipment for football: HELMETS: Be sure your helmet fits your head well and is strapped on tight and the face guard is very important. This is the last piece of equipment you will put on before playing football. MOUTH GUARDS: Mouth guards should be fitted for your mouth by a dentist or purchased at sports stores. IF YOU WEAR A RETAINER, ALWAYS TAKE IT OUT BEFORE YOU START TO EXERCISE, PRACTICE, OR PLAY. Since you can't talk well with a mouth guard this also is one of the last pieces of equipment you would put in. Helmet, mouth guard before going on the field. WRIST, KNEE, AND ELBOW GUARDS: The wrists are usually taped well right past the knuckles of each hand. You would strap on your knee guards and elbow guards. PADS: You already know you need shin, elbow pads, and now you need shoulder, chest, hip and thigh pads. The shoulder pads are put on first and cover part of the chest. The hip and thigh pads go on next. PROTECTIVE CUP: SHOULD ALWAYS BE WORN! FOOTWEAR: You will require footwear with cleats. Be sure your footwear fits well. Then lace up! The footwear should go on before the shoulder pads because they are bulky. It makes it a little easier doing it this way. Then it's time to put your uniform on, put your mouth guard in, carry your helmet (if the rest of the team does) and get out on the field. Some players will not put their helmets or mouth guards on until they are on the side-lines with the coach and are called to play. If you are called off the field always wrap a blanket or something warm around you to keep your warmed up muscles warm and ready to go. Before starting to play warm up by running on the spot and stretching exercises. Running on the spot gets you pumped up and stretching exercises keeps you limber. Some players will pace back and forth on the sidelines.

2006-08-24 13:02:23
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