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The cost of a POD moving service depends on several factors; each move is different and will result in a customized price for your individual situation. Here are some of the factors that contribute to the cost of your move:

-Location you're moving from

-Location you're moving to

-Size of the home you're moving (how many items you have to move determines the size moving container you'll need)

-Date you're planning to move

-Special services required (additional storage, expedited delivery, etc.)

Because each moving scenario is different, the only way to receive an accurate estimate for your move is to get a quote from a reputable moving company. Be cautious of movers that avoid giving an estimate in writing, and make sure the moving company you select is licensed and bonded to safely move household goods.

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I need to move from Florida to Alabama

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Q: What is the cost for a POD moving service?
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A moving company estimate is the projected price that one's move will cost. This cost depends on a variety of factors, including the type of moving service one uses (full service vs. doing some part of it oneself), the amount of stuff to pack and unpack, and the distance to be covered.

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When using The company POD when moving the price can range. The size of the POD you need, the distance you will be traveling, where you will return the POD, how much fuel is used to drop off and pick up the POD from you. These are some of the factors used to determine how much it will cost. If using a 16' Pod to move from one place to another place in the same city, it will cost approximately $292.25. This total includes delivery fee, monthly charge, fuel, insurance protection plan, and sales tax. The price may vary if going further distances and depending on state sales tax. This quote was based off a 6 percent sales tax. Future transportation charges would be approximately $113.26. This would include the fuel, picking up the empty POD and relocating it, and also the state sales tax once again. In total the least amount you would spend using a POD to move would be $405.51.Again this can vary for the many reasons listed above.

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Its totally depends on movers or their items. There are different types of Pods facilities & its cost depends on POD's size.

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It depends on several factors: -where you're moving to/from -the distance you're moving -the date you're moving -the size POD/container you need -whether or not you need labor crews to help with packing/loading/unloading Considering the many details considered for calculating the cost of a long distance move, you'll need to contact a moving company directly to receive an accurate estimate. Cross country moving rates vary depending on the services you choose (AND the company you select as well).

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