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what are the cost of tolls from Exit 159 to Wildwood Crest, NJ

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Q: What is the cost in tolls from exit 14A Garden State Parkway to wildwood NJ?
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What are the tolls on garden state parkway?

From thruway exit 14A to garden state exit 40

What is the amount of tolls from the NJ turnpike to the ny thruway on the garden state parkway?


What is the amount of tolls on thr garden state parkway from the NJ turnpike to the ny thruway?

tolls between ocala fl and worcester ma.

Does garden state parkway tolls change during rush hour?

yes it changes by 25% increase

Cost of tolls on the garden state parkway?

Depending on what toll plaza you're crossing through on the GSP the tolls range from 35 cents to 1.00

How much will you spend in tolls from Danbury ct to Ocala Florida?

If you avoid the Garden State Parkway and avoid that toll bridge near Washiington ---none.

How much tolls to get from camden to wildwood?

how much is toll from Camden, NJ to Wildwood NJ

What will the new tolls on the Garden State Parkway b in 2012?

Well we don't know what the rules will be but we do know that the laws will either change to something good or bad but rather or probably good.

What is the Cost of tolls from Allentown PA to Wildwood NJ?


Are commercial vehicles and trailers allowed on garden state parkway?

Commercial trucks are not allowed to use the northern parts of the Parkway . All trucks must exit at exit 105, just past the Asbury Park Toll Plaza. From Tinton Falls to the southern end of the Parkway at Cape May, trucks are allowed, but must pay additional tolls.

How much does the toll cost for the Hutchinson River Parkway?

There are no tolls on the Hutchinson River Parkway. the $0.25 toll was removed in 1994.

How much are tolls on Osceola Parkway in Florida?

there is no tolls they removed tolls in 1985 due to major accidents