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Q: What is the cost of a school sound system for a stage?
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Is the selection of an appropriate cost allocation base more important for a single-stage cost allocation system than it is for a two-stage cost allocation system?


How much does stage school cost?

Stage school is expensive in some places and cheap in others, although it all matters in where you go for stage school.

What is the current cost of a surround sound computer speaker system?

The typical cost of a surround sound computer speaker system is about $50. There are some which cost more but the main difference is according to the Wattage and the number of surround channels.

How much on average does a car sound system cost?

The price of a car sound system ranges depending on the brand and quality of the product. On average speaker systems cost around $200 for an average, middle of the range system.

How much does the school uniform cost in the public school system?

20 dollars

How much does it cost for a geothermal system?

4million dollars for a school unit for a geothermal system

What is the average cost of a surround sound system?

A Bose Surround Sound Speaker System costs between $699-$999. This system is not necessarily the most affordable model on the market.

What rap dance song starts with the sound of a car trying to start?

my old school cost more than yo new school.

How much does it cost for 2011 q school?

Entry fees in 2010 for the PGA TOUR are as follows: first-stage qualifying is $4,500, second-stage qualifying is $4,000 and the finals is $3,500.

How much do surround sound systems cost?

Surround sound systems come in a variety of options and prices. If a high end system is wanted, the cost is more. The range of prices are $99 to almost $3500.

How much would it cost to install a PA system speaker in a normal sized elementary school?

It depends on what kind of PA system you get. A good PA system can cost a couple thousand dollars.

How much do Bose surround sound speakers cost?

Don't bother with surround sound speakers. If you want a sound system, get a sound bar. Bose makes them for around $129.99 and up. You will save space and get better quality sound.