What is the cost of an MRI?

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September 22, 2012 8:12PM

The cost of an MRI study can range from $300 to $10000. There is

a huge difference in the cost of an MRI study across the country

and even city to city. In addition to pricing being very different

throughout a region, pricing is also affected by the MRI clinic

that you decide to use.

When your doctor orders an MRI, he/she may give you a referral

to an MRI clinic in the hospital they are affiliated with an

independent MRI facility. The hospital MRI's are usually 4-5 times

as expensive as the independent imaging center with no difference

in the quality of the scan on most occasions.

I found a center in the Milwaukee market that charges everyone

the same price of just $600 for any MRI, no matter what insurance

you have. I used them and my doctor was very happy with not only

the quality of the scan and radiology reads, but also with the

professionalism of the clinic. The name of the MRI Milwaukee Clinic

was Smart Choice MRI (

Although Smart Choice MRI has a transparent pricing model where

every patient knows how much they are going to be charged, this is

very rare across the country and so I would always suggest calling

your insurance company and the imaging center you choose to figure

out how much the MRI exam is going to cost.

In the Portland and Seattle, you can check out Sprig Health for

the cost and description of MRI procedures at a few locations in

town ( Currently the

prices seem to range from $485 to $1190 for MRI with and without


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