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Q: What is the cost of lumbar decompression surgery in California?
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What is the cost of decompression surgery?

Please!! is there anyone out three who can give an estimate of such surgery? what is the cost? i want to get this surgery for this coming summer but don't know how much is it? Anyone who has had this orbital decompression surgery please help aswer the question please.

How much does a lumbar disc surgery usually cost?

The cost for lumbar disc surgery will cost between $20,000 and $50,000, for patients that do not have insurance. This would include the surgeon's fee, the anesthesiologist fee, and the hospital fee.

How much does OCD dog surgery cost in California?


What is the average cost of bariatric surgery in California?

The cost of bariatric surgery is going to depend on what type of insurance you have and what they will cover. You can call your insurance company and ask the details and see if you need a referral to a physician to have the surgery.

What is average cost in FL for lumbar spinal fusion surgery?

Hi. I am not so sure on the place but, it is on a bracket of about $29200 - $34500 ( Good Luck.

What is the cost for a cystocele surgery?

What is the cost of Cystocele and rectocele surgery

What is the cost for cystocele surgery?

What is the cost of Cystocele and rectocele surgery

How much cost perineum surgery?

how much is cost perineum repair surgery

Do lasik eye centers in Los Angeles, California take perscription as a factor in what they charge for laser surgery?

Most lasik surgery will cost about $3500 to $4000 for each eye. Since you are talking about LA it may cost a little more but figure to spend about that amount.

What is the cost for TVT sling surgery?

what is the cost of TVT surgery with various tapes available..

How much will it cost to do arthroscopic surgery on your horse?

Arthroscopic surgery is a joint surgery for horses. To inquire about the cost of arthroscopic surgery, call around to local animal hospitals.

What would it cost during a spay surgery for the anestetic?

I think the anesthetic is included in the cost of the surgery.