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What are the Ben 10 alien codes?

Answer . 11 Working Codes . Diamondhead = TAKI. Upgrade = FUNA. Heatblast = KENM. Fourarms = NORI. Wildmutt = BRIC. Ghostfreak = RSAM. XLR8 = WJAS. benwolf = YPET. StinkFly = AVAL. Upchuck = BAFA. Wildvine = RAME. -------------------------. Working but does not Morph Yet . Gwen = M ( Full Answer )

Ben 10 codes?

The codes are here : Wildvine-RAME Upchuck-BAFA Four Arms-NORI Diamond Head-TAKI Upgrade-FUNA Stinkfly-AVAL Ghostfreak-RSAM Heatblast-KENM Gwen-MURA Wildmutt-BRIC Benwolf-YPET XLR8-WJAS Benvicktor-PKMN Cannonbolt-SWOR Benmummy-ANSN

What are the alien codes for Ben 10?

the codes are:stinkfly=aiden. . =nori.wildmutt=bric.heat bluestocking'supgrade=funa.ghostfreak=kox. benwolf=ypet.xlr8=wjas.dimondhed=taki wildvine=rame.upchuck=bafa.cannonbolt=roft. brainstorm=zoku . vilgax=akec. Gwen = mura.

What are the Ben 10 codes?

xlr8=wjas four arms=nori heat blast=kenm diamond head=taki up chuck=bafa cannon bolt=swor ghost freak=rsam stink fly=aval

What are the Ben 10 DNA codes?

Code Alien. Nori = Fourarms. Taki = Diamondhead. Aval = Stinkfly. Pkmn = Benvictor. Ansn = Benmummy. Swor = Cannonbolt. Ypet = Benwolf. Kenm = Heatblast. Rsam = Ghostfreak. Rame = Wildvine. Bafa = Upchuck. Wjas = Xlr8. Funa = Upgrade Heatblast-KENM. Diamondhead-TAKI. Fourarms-NORI. ( Full Answer )

What is the DNA codes of Ben 10?

Heatblast- KENM Diamondhead- TAKI Fourarms- NORI Upgarde- FUNA Stinkfly- AVAL Gwen- MURA XLR8- WJAS Wildmutt- BRIC Ghostfreak- RSAM Benwolf- YPET Wildvine- RAME Upchuck- BAFA Cannonbolt- GUJH. P.S, The Cannonbolt code does not work yet. cannonbolt is not GUJH it is SWOR Ben mummy: ansn Ghost ( Full Answer )

What are the DNA codes for Ben 10?

Heatblast-KENM Diamondhead-TAKI Fourarms-NORI Upgrade-FUNA Stinkfly-AVAL Gwen-MURA XLR8-WJAS Wildmutt-BRIC Ghostfreak-RSAM Benwolf-YPET Upchuck-BAFA Wildvine-RAME Cannonbolt-SWOR Vilgax-AKEC Benmummy-ANSN Benvictor-PKMN

Ben 10 lab codes?

The only codes I know about so far are these: Benmummy/Underwraps=ansn Benviktor=pkmn Benwolf/Fangface=ypet Cannonbolt=swor Diamondhead=taki Fourarms=nori Ghostfreak=rsam Heatblast=kenm Stinkfly=aval Upchuck=bafa Upgrade=funa Wildmutt=bric Wildvine=rame XLR8=wjas can't combine: Gwen=mura Vilgax=ak ( Full Answer )

What are all Ben 10 codes?

Upgrade = FUNA (working kodes). Heatblast = KENM. Fourarms = NORI. Wildmutt = BRIC. Ghostfreak = RSAM. XLR8 = WJAS. Benwolf = YPET. StinkFly = AVAL. Upchuck = BAFA. Wildvine = RAME. Vilgax = AKEC. Cannonbolt = SWOR. BenMummy = ANSN. Benvicktor = PKMN. Diamondhead = TAKI. Ben = (doesnt ( Full Answer )

What are the secret Ben 10 codes?

I dont know 4 gray matter, ripjaws and a few more.. Ben mummy: ansn. Cannonbolt: swor. Ghost freak: rsam. Diamond head: taki. Wildmutt: bric. Ben wolf: ypet. Wildvine: rame. Upgrade: funa. Stinkfly: aval. Heatblast; kenm. Xlr8: wjas. Fourarms: nori. Gwen: mura. Vilgax; akec. Upchuck: ( Full Answer )

What are the Ben 10 DNA codes for?

they're to mix. type one in DNA 1. type one in DNA 2. you have ur own alien! for the cheats type them in at answers.comm

All of the codes of Ben 10?

cannonbolt-swor benviktor-pkmn. benmummy-ansn benwolf-ypet wildvine-rame wildmutt-bric. heatblast-kenm dimondhead-taki ghostfreak-rsam xlr8-wjas. upchuck-bafa upgrade-funa THESE CODES WILL WORK ON SEPTEMBER 9 2008. chromastone-lwvz swampfire-rayl

What are Ben 10 fusion codes?

Wildmutt is bric . Fourarms is nori . XLR8 is wjas . Upgrade is funa . Diamondhead is taki . Stinkfly is aval . Ghostfreak is rsam . Heatblast is kenm . Cannonbolt is swor . Wildvine is rame . Upchuck is bafa . Benwolf is ypet . Benmummy is ansn . Benvictor is pkmn . Vilgax is akec ( Full Answer )

How do you get the Ben 10 codes?

I will give you some!!!!!!!! master controle canonbolt heatblast wildvine four arms end DNA force wildvine four arms heat blast canonbolt end best! dark Heroes canonbolt canonbolt fourarms heatblast end that was for protector of earth good luck!! I will give you some!!!!!!!! master controle canonbol ( Full Answer )

Where are the ben 10 DNA codes?

Wildmutt - Bric Fourarms - Nori Greymatter - Qghq (doesn't work yet) XLR8 - Wjas. Upgrade - Funa Diamondhead - Taki Ripjaws - Astp (doesn't work yet). Stinkfly - Aval Ghostfreak - Rsam Heatblast - Kenm Cannonbolt - Swor. Wildvine - Rame Upchuck - Bafa Benwolf - Ypet Benmummy - Ansm. Benvicktor - ( Full Answer )

Ben 10 codes of DNA?

heatblast=kenm diamondhead=taki XLR8=wjas ghostfreak=rsam wildmutt=bric upgrade=funa stinkfly=aval fourarms=nori cannonbolt=swor upchuck=bafa wildvine=rame benwolf=ypet benmummy=ansn benvictor=pkmn vilgax=akec gwen=mura cooming soon . ditto=jjbv. waybig=vcxn art ( Full Answer )

How do you get to Ben 10 dna codes?

1. get the code from the toy's card and place in bottom of stand/base/decoder 2. once you have the code log on to www.bandai.com/ben 3. hit DNA lab 4. enter code happy to help!

What are cheat codes for Ben 10?

To enter the cheat codes, press START at the map srceen to bring up the option menu and then select extra menu. In extra menu, then choose "Enter Sercet code". After that then enter following code. Dark Heroes- Cannonbolt, Cannonbolt, Fourarms, Heatblast DNA Force- Wildvine, Fourarms, Heatblast ( Full Answer )

Why is there codes on Ben 10 figures?

XLR8=wjas Ghostfreak=rsam Heatblast=kenm Dimondhead=taki Wildmutt=bric Upgrade=funa Fourarms=nori Stinkfly=aval Wildvine=rame Upchuck=bafa Benwolf=ypet Cannonblot=swor Benmummy=ansn Benvicktor=pkmn Gwen=mura Vilgax=akec Waybig=ucxn Ripjaws=rivj or qghq Greymatter=astp or refg or vomn Eyeguy=lwvz

Where do you enter codes on Ben 10?

Well it depends what game it is like I have Ben 10 protecter of earth and its on DS so that version you need to go to the map and enter them in, when you here the omnitrix the you have entered the code sucessfully ( its hard to hear) On all the other versions of the game such as: Wii Ps2 Xbox360 Ps3 ( Full Answer )

What are the Ben 10 x10 codes?

Chromastone=AOKO Humangousaur=WRES or BX10 Spidermokey=UAIO Brainstorm=AEAI Echo Echo=MTHN Alien X=OIAA Swampfire=KMAH Jetray=AICO Goop=NNRS Big Chill=RKKH.

How do you cheat DNA in ben 10 omniverse?

First of all you need to go to vulpin , then go to 4 the hive, then go to 5 the marsh, and then go forward up the flying stone and hit the bonus pack once, then go back to 4 the hive , then go again to 5 the marsh , then again hit the bonus pack, and again........and again. ( Full Answer )

What are the new aliens in Ben 10 omniverse?

Ben's got 10 new aliens but only 7 have been revealed: Bloxx, Feedback, Gravattack, Shocksquatch, Ball Weevil, Kickin Hawk, and Crashhopper, so 3 remain unknown at this time.

Will Julie yamamoto appears in ben 10 omniverse?

Possible, if they draw her nicely, but they're still looking for a perfect appearance, if I heard News, I will sent a report about Julie Yamamoto in Ben 10 Omniverse

When will they make a Ben 10 Omniverse DVD?

It is currently October 2nd 2012... the series just started September 22nd. There is no information available to answer this question, and there won't be until the conclusion of at least the first season.

What are all the ben 10 aliens classic-omniverse?

heatblast wildmutt diamondhead xlr8 greymatter fourarms stinkfly ripjaws upgrade ghostfreak cannonbolt wildvine benwolf benmummy benvitor upchuck ditto eyeguy waybig spitter ariticguana buzzshock swampfire echo echo humugosaur jetray big chill chromastone spidermonkey goop brainstorm alien x lodesta ( Full Answer )