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PRINCIPAL- 15600-39100-(AGP-6600)HEAD OF SECTION -15600-39100-(AGP-6600)LECTURER 9300-34800-(AGP-4600 )FORMEN 9300-34800-(GP-4200)TECHNICIAN -9300-34800-(GP-4200)INSTRUCTOR'S -9300-34800-(GP-4200 )LAB. ASSISTANT -5200-20200-(GP-2000)

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he/she must be a BE/BTech. having 1st class or CGPA 6.5 ;

OR/1st class MTech

AMIE holders are not eligible

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Q: What is the current AICTE pay scale for polytechnic teachers?
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What is the position of AICTE sixth pay commission for polytechnic teachers?

teachers can ask the questions under section 6(1) , 7(1) of RTI act 2005 for which AICTE is bound to answer D.N.Jayaram

When will AICTE implement sixth pay scale to engineering college teachers?

Ans: Only after general election is over.

What qualification is required for the post of Lab Assistant in aicte approved college as per aicte norms?

workshop instructor pay scale

What is agp given in aicte pay scale?

Academic Grade Pay

What is the aicte pay scale for computer Lab Assistant?

PRINCIPAL- 15600-39100-(GP-6600)HEAD OF SECTION -15600-39100-(GP-6600)LECTURER 9300-34800-(GP-4600 )FORMEN 9300-34800-(GP-4200)TECHNICIAN -9300-34800-(GP-4200)INSTRUCTOR'S -9300-34800-(GP-4200 )LAB. ASSISTANT -5200-20200-(GP-2000)

What is the pay scale for non teaching staff as per aicte norms in engineering colleges?

AICTE is fully loaded with the work of prescribing the norms and standards of teachers of the technical institutes. AICTE coluld not find time in last 25 years to frame the pay scales and service conditions for the Technical supporting and Non teaching staff in the engineering colleges. AICTE has prescribed only the staff pattern of non-teaching staff in the booklet "AICTE Norms and standards for technical institutes, 1990". Since then, AICTE is totally ignoring the technical supporting and Non teaching Staff of the colleges under its recognition. No such PAY SCALES for non teaching staff are prescribed by AICTE till Date. S S RAUT

What is the pay scale of hostel warden in polytechnic college?

i am getting 6300 netsalry and 780 epf +126esic

What is pay scale for lecturer post MBA as per AICTE norms?

Check aicet website from time to time........

What is the salary scale for kendriya vidyalaya teachers?


Himachal pradesh teachers new pay scale?

what is pay scale of Drawing Teacher in Himachal pradesh

What is the pay scale for non teaching staff as per aicte norms in polytechnics?

for mtech holder about 22k For PG Holders(Engineering Field) in lecturer field will receive a pay band of 15600 - 39100. that is (Basic)* D.A.(22%) + H.R.A(10%) + C.C.A(500 FIXED) and as detail for fresher 15600 * 1.22 *1.1+500 = 21435 = Rs.21,435.00 for btech holder

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